eBolt Group Launches Flagship Personal Finance Blog: “CashIntellect.com”

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 24, 2006

eBolt Group, an online blog publishing and media company, has announced the launch of its flagship personal finance blog “Cash Intellect.” Cash Intellect will give its readers a daily dose of personal finance tips both derived from original pieces written by its editors along with the best news and opinion from around the web.

“Cash Intellect will serve its readers as a trusted online friend with whom you expect daily doses of financial wisdom,” said Brian Reed, Chief Operations Officer for eBolt Group. “Our basic goals are to provide our readers with usable information that they can then apply to their personal financial situations and start seeing positive changes. We

live in a time in which information is plentiful yet skewed and disorganized. We are building a brand of trusted information sources here at eBolt Group.”

“Blogs and Blogging have introduced a radical new means of

distributing and consuming quality content,” said James Woods, CEO of eBolt Group. “New forms of monetization have also allowed new media companies such as eBolt to enter the market and provide quality content to its readers and in turn quality consumers to its advertising partners.” “The landscape of personal finance is rapidly changing, and consumers are in need of trusted guides to help them filter the deluge of information and opinions that we are faced with daily.

“Cash Intellect's style is conversational in nature and its readers are encouraged to participate in the conversation by offering comments and feedback regarding the articles and content that we publish.”

About eBolt Group

eBolt Group Inc is a rapidly growing online publisher of business information and news, and is headquartered in Toronto, ON Canada, led by a team of seasoned business executives with many years of Financial Services and business management experience, eBolt Group offers a drastic departure from traditional media publishing. Readers are encouraged to interact via comments and feedback, thereby not only learning from the content provided by eBolt, but sharing their valued experience to an ever-expanding community of integrated topics.


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