Princeton Junction, NJ (PRWEB) March 1, 2007 — Blogging Systems Group, the leading provider of blogs to the real estate industry, augments offerings to leverage its blog technology and help employers reach and hire hard-to-find talent via its new service, Career Connection.

Career Connection is an online, customized career community that gives companies a personal voice on the web and an avenue with which to communicate with tough-to-reach talent.

“Fortune 1000 companies face an enormous hurdle in attracting top-tier talent, especially those not actively seeking a new position,” said Richard Nacht, Founder of Blogging Systems. “The Blogging Systems’ Career Connection builds a talent pool of highly sought after candidates leveraging Web 2.0 technology and enabling candidates to advance their careers by fostering peer networking.”

The company sponsoring the Career Connection site is able to overcome hurdles associated with finding industry talent including:

1.    Finding Passive Talent – Those individuals who excel at their position, but who are not actively seeking a new job

2.    Provide a great Candidate Experience – Traditional recruitment gives a candidate one option — apply for a job. Career Connection provides canidates a place to advance their career, network with peers, and receive the most up-to-date career information from the web in one location.

3.    Build relationships with Candidates – The Career Connection allows a company the ability to build relationships with a talent pool and brand themselves as a leading employer leveraging Web 2.0 recruiting technology.

Dave Lefkow, CEO of talentspark, a consulting firm that helps companies use technology to gain a competitive advantage for talent said that, “Blogs are a big part of the future of online recruiting. Leading companies are just beginning to use blogs for a number of purposes in their recruiting and sourcing efforts. Blogging Systems Career Connection is taking a very unique approach by creating content, communities and technologies to engage niche and passive job seekers.”

Blogging Systems has hired Steve Amsden to bring Career Connection to the recruitment market. Amsden, VP of Recruitment, has over 15 years of experience in the recruitment space with leading companies including TMP Worldwide and Monster.

“Reaching and attracting talented individuals is no small feat for companies. Both money and resources are wasted when the perfect hire is not found,” said Amsden.

Career Connection is formally launching its Customer Advisory Program. Leading companies such as Boston Scientific have already joined the program to help fill their critical hiring positions and partner with the Career Connection. If you are interested in joining the Customer Advisory Program please contact Steve Amsden at steve.amsden @

About Blogging Systems Group

Blogging Systems provides real estate blog platforms that produce a low-cost, high results tool for Community networking (both offline and on the internet), effective communication and collaboration, competitive marketing, sales and customer relations.

Blogging Systems provides turn-key blog networks which are the ultimate real estate marketing tool. Ours is a “soup to nuts” approach with experienced blog professionals who guide clients through the process step-by-step. Not only do we provide the most robust real estate blog platform on the market today, we back it up with training and technical support. Clients receive a turn-key system and the training and knowledge needed to use it as a complete real estate marketing system.

For more information about how to add a blog to your real estate marketing tools, visit: or call: 800-985-BLOG (800-985-2564)

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DIY: Make A Free Professional Blog

Make your own blog that is 100% customizable and that is completely ad free using free tools. We will be using a free account from, free blogging software called WordPress, and a free FTP client called Filezilla.

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Blogs are like ripe apples hanging on the tree ready to be picked, beautiful and oh so delicious. Indulging to it will never be a poison. . It can also be likened to a virus but the difference is the benefits blogs give and also because they are vastly and fast spreading around the globe.

Knowing the benefits of blogging will leave you lacked-jaw. In terms of personal necessity, blog acts as an avenue for you to express yourself. It can serve as a memory bank for articles you dragged from the internet. It functions like an organizer and thus keeps you updated on everything. A blog is nevertheless a personal website.

The functions of blog never stopped there. In the field of businesses, blog is also being used as an instrument. There are more than a handful of companies that has adapted blogs to push their businesses at the summit. Focusing to the power of the internet, these companies managed to trust blog for the growth of their businesses. They have actually gambled in a sure win game. Knowing how many people surf the web everyday these companies are genius giants.

That’s for the giants of the arena of business, but how about those smaller enterprises? Does blogs suit them? By all means, yes.

These small enterprises or we may address as home based businesses is no different from those gigantic ones. They follow the same system only that the former has lower capital as compared to the latter. So what’s supposed to be the rub in there? In the first place, as we are dealing with, blogs are acquired for free. Aside from that, unlike the mainstream websites, blogs has low or even no maintenance cost. You can utilize it in no limited time and in the price of none.

Small businesses or home based ones needs more blog than any other businesses. Or shall we be more specific by saying that such type of businesses necessitates more promotions than that of the mainstream businesses. Since their business place is far off from the central marketplace, people need to be informed and be aware of the existence of these smaller enterprises through blogging. By means of blogging, these types of businesses are given chance to be known and be noticed. They can gather audience and later on customer by means of these super business channels- Blogs.

To add to that, let us take these advantages of blog for home based businesses:

» Blogs are all-you-need package. HTML is hard to learn and a little time consuming. By using blogs you will no longer problem the appearance since it is preset for convenience purposes. » You can post any thing on blogs without any hassle at all. Plus you can post any time. Nonetheless, posting is not a problem. » Since basically blogs are not e-mail communication, spam has no place in it. » Blogs are convenient to the point that you can make many of it.

With these entire advantages all for free means a business with high profits.

But having a blog for your business requires a little of attention and as you wait for the profit will cost you patience. Anyway, what is business without these two? For you to reach the number of desired audience and customer, listed below are a piece of advice. It will not be a burden or a heck on but rather a better proposition.

? You must update your blog every now and then. New updates mean another to look forward to on the side of your audience. In as often as possible, you may update your blog at least thrice every week. It will let your audience ask for more. Never overlook all current information and issues that will surely catch their attention. ? Your blog must have a place for comments, reactions and suggestions. It will help you reach the audiences tastes and desires through their own feedbacks. Criticisms are very essential tool for growth. Just take every criticism positively. ? Do not forget to link your blogs to other resources. It will help not just you and your business but also your customers. ? Simplicity is not ugly. Complicated layout and color will attract customers easily and also can shoo them easily too. Remember that content is more important than anything else in your blog. ? Lastly, take all your good values intact. That will require you of an ample of patience, comforting aura, proper relationship through words, etc. You may not have more audience at first, expect that. Just work on and dream big.

The entire earth is waiting for your business to be known. Take that mouse and make your own blog.

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Being known throughout the world was once a dream that only few people could achieve. However, through the great advancements that communications and technology has reached, especially with the emergence of the Internet, ordinary people can now easily make themselves known to practically anyone on the planet. The blog craze, which started just a few years ago, is now a normal part of daily life.

News feeds that deliver content from blogs and other websites to people have made information retrieval just so convenient. And now, things are getting even better, in terms of information dissemination, with the help of remarkable tools that have been made available. One of such great devices for enhancing people’s means of publicizing is FeedBurner.

What Exactly is FeedBurner?

It is amazing to imagine how something could grow big in less than a few years. FeedBurner is basically news feed management provider that was launched in the year 2004. Now it is the largest service provider of its kind serving over 20 million subscribers all over the world. FeedBurner helps commercial publishers, bloggers, and podcasters deliver and promote the content of their sites, and even make money out of it using invaluable web-based services.

The service also provides the greatest network of advertising for feeds, bringing together an unmatched level of content fed from the leading bloggers, blogging networks, publishers, and media companies all over the world. This makes FeedBurner an indispensable tool for those who are looking for imaginative methods of attracting viewers and listeners as well as those who need to know how far one’s content reaches in the competitive world of information technology.

What is a Feed?

Feed has become a buzzword in the online community. More formally known as a news feed, a feed is any content whether text, sound, or video, which users may subscriber to so that they can read, listen and watch it through a feed reader. They are basically delivery packets for publishers to be able to reach their audience easily, and conversely, for audience to be able to get updates from their favourite publisher, blogger, or podcaster regularly.

Feeds are very useful to the great number of people who like keeping track of their favourite blogs or websites. Feeds are aggregated to feed readers so that subscriber would not have to manually visit the source websites or get their inbox filled with subscription email just to see if something new comes up with their favourite pages.

Feeds are very beneficial to consumers, publishers, and advertisers alike. Consumers are now able to view a great amount of information in a very short time by subscribing to feeds, while at the same time, eliminating other things they do not necessarily want to see. It is like having just a particular column delivered instead of the entire newspaper. Publishers, meanwhile, can distribute their content instantly because it is fed automatically to their subscribers. Advertisers also benefit by being able to reach their target market more directly, since they can advertise to particular groups of interest.

What is so good about FeedBurner and how does it work?

Most blog users and podcasters publish feeds automatically as they post their content online since most blogging platforms and publishing tools already have automatic feed options. Others may also use certain tools that convert their web content into a format that is easy for distribution or feed. FeedBurner then helps the publishers to enhance their feeds and make it more easily distributable to their audience. FeedBurner then publicizes the content, making it easer to be subscribed to by viewers. The service also optimizes the distribution of content, making it easy to share, link, and tag by subscribers.

FeedBurner also helps publishers analyze their traffic, informing them not only how many have subscribed to their feeds, but also where the subscribers come from and what subscribers like the most about one’s web content. FeedBurner also helps publishers make their content profitable by accessing the lucrative and wide-reaching FeedBurner Ad Network.

FeedBurner adds value to one’s blog, podcast or commercial publications by processing it and providing a valuable boost that could make it attractive to the hoards of potential subscribers online. Making one’s self to the world is made easy with FeedBurner.

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