Perth, WA (PRWEB) February 12, 2009

A new website, has recently been registered to compare e-books about making money with blogs.

Many people are choosing to create blogs to make some extra money. In fact, it’s estimated that 23,000 blogs are created every day (Source: Technorati).

The 3 ebooks that are being compared are called Bloggers Paycheck, Super Affiliate Blogger and Blogging to the Bank. The authors, John Yeo, Gobala Krishnan and Rob Benwell all make a living from blogging.

The website provides a detailed review of each ebook and describes what to expect. The reviews cut out the hype and give the reader a feel for whether the ebook is worth their while.

Each ebook is reviewed via text and video and a final recommendation is given. The e-books are available for instant download at prices between $ 37 and $ 97. Visitors can also sign up to a 7 day e-course that explains how to create and promote a blog. is designed to help people looking for ways to make some extra money online.


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Three Great Blogging Advice for Starters

Great blogging. Perhaps anyone will want to be a great blogger. Many people all over the world nowadays are quite interested in blogging. If you’re determined to become a good blogger, you’ve already set your sights on how to achieve success. Here are some good blogging advices that you need to look into.

The pieces of advice contained in this article will assist you on how to become a powerful and good blogger. By following them, you will soon embark on a blogging career that you never imagined.

The fundamental advice that you should know is that you have to select an appropriate website that is willing to be involved in your pursuit for successful blogging. You can take two roads – the first one is to choose a site that hub on the same topics you like addressing.

Your blogging efforts should be concentrated on the topics featured on the site. For instance, if you like political topics, you must choose political blogging website. The second road that you can take is choosing a generalized website for blogging.

There are actually popular sites for generalized blogging and these sites are able to attract a great number of traffic. You can use the popularity of the sites in order to draw more audience for your blogs.

The second piece of advice is to always be creative and unique. Don’t do blogs on the same topics over and over again. If you do this, you will soon lose a lot of audience because there is no diversity in your blogs. You will reap some excellent benefits if you take a controversial stand on some of the latest issues of the world. By being creative and unique in your blogs, more and more people will become interested in your blogs.

The third option is to engage in a heated debate with a fellow blogger. Choose a hot topic and have a debate. Now, this may seem difficult especially for blog starters. You can try this third option if you already have a grip in blogging.

It takes experience, guts, and know-how. Take your time and learn all the possible blogging tips that can help you become a good blogger. If you choose to have a debate, make sure that you research on the topic. Gather all the pertinent information so that you can take your stand. If you can defend your side well, you can expect a bigger audience to read your blogs.

These are just three simple pieces of advice that you can use in order to become a successful and powerful blogger. Think about them really hard and determine if they’re worth considering.

If you want to have a career in blogging, make sure that you follow these pieces of advice. Expert bloggers can attest to that – go ahead and ask them yourself. Let them share with you their secrets. Actually, the advice given in this article is fundamental and you can use them in any endeavor that you may want to take.

In order to become a successful blogger, you have to be unique, creative, determined, and ready to take chances. So what are you waiting for? try these great piece of blogging advice and you will soon enjoy a successful career in blogging. Who knows, you can even make money out of it.

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Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 5, 2009 – Chapeau Blog Awards is alerting the world’s most brilliant bloggers, in categories ranging from marketing to real estate, that the February 17th deadline to secure recognition as

“Most Brilliant Blog” and a $ 2,000 cash prize is rapidly approaching.

For months, the world’s most brilliant bloggers have wondered what they would do with an extra $ 2,000 to start the year. With Chapeau Blog Awards entries closing in just twelve days, one lucky blogger is ready to discover exactly what they will do with an additional $ 2,000.

Enter Chapeau Blog Awards by February 17th and submit your blog to one of the following categories:

Arts & Design

Health & Beauty



Marketing & Advertising

Real Estate & Development



Travel & Leisure



Web Design & Development

$ 2,000 will be awarded for 2009’s “Most Brilliant Blog” along with 4 iPod Touch’s for the top four honorable mention blogs.

Enter Chapeau Blog Awards today by visiting Chapeau Blog Awards website.

About Chapeau Blog Awards:

Chapeau Blog Awards is an awards contest that tips its chapeaus to honor bloggers worldwide who devote their time and knowledge to inform, entertain and challenge their readers. Those involved in the Chapeau Blog Awards are not involved in the final selection of winners. Rather than assembling an antiquated academy of high profile Noggers – Non-bloggers – to determine which blog is best, Chapeau Blog Awards does what bloggers do. They ask for the opinion of the public sphere of blog readers. By asking blog readers to judge the Chapeau Blog Awards, entrants can be assured of a meaningful award as selected by their most important audience; blog readers themselves. Chapeau Blog Awards is the creator of BlogOh!Pedia, an online encyclopedia of blogging terms and Blog Review, an online review of blogs from around the world.

E-mail Chapeau Blog Awards at Info(at)

The only way to be considered for a Chapeau Blog Award is to enter your blog today.


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´╗┐Mistakes that bloggers make

Bloggers make mistakes all the time. But most of them are easy to avoid, and even easier not to create in the first place.

Mistake one

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how do you create blog banners using your own photo?

i have a fashion blog and need a banner. but i want to use my own image.

and if you don’t know how to do that, do you know where you can add two images together, like side by side?


Random WordPress Plugins: Rotating Banners, Header Art, Images, Quotes, and Content on Your Blog:

Any good graphics editor will do what you want. The images need to be cropped/edited to beforehand. Better if the are both the same size, but make them the same height if at all posssible. Just need to open a new CANVAS and size it to the size needed to put your images side by side. Load both images after making your canvas, copy paste the first image onto canvas. Place where you want it. Go to Layers menu and add new layer. Copy/paste second image onto the new layer. Position it where you want it. Save in the image format you need.

These are good editors:

FREE software (No Animation): (Very user friendly) Plug-ins: (Very good for vectored graphics)

FREE online photo editors: (Animation Tools) (Animation Tools)


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