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In my opinion WordPress blogs are the best because they are better optimized for the search engines. There are a number of ways to monetize a blog. Below are 2 articles that can help you.

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) September 17, 2006

Blogging is the newest and hottest Internet career opportunity. It's also a business opportunity. Freelance bloggers are highly paid, and blogging entrepreneurs have created blogging empires and sold them for millions of dollars.

Blogs have come a long way from being personal journals. Major companies now have blogs, as do one-person micro-businesses. Copywriter Angela Booth's new ebook, Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger — in your PJs, if you want… and make more money than you thought possible with zero financial investment, shows you how to turn a blog into both a career and a business.

Angela says: “I created my first blog in 2002, and found it wonderful way for a writer to build a platform online. Then in 2004, I started being approached by companies to blog for them, because a company blog is a way to get attention and visibility.”

Her new ebook, Blogging For Dollars, covers the two major ways of making money by blogging. The first way is freelance blogging – blogging for businesses under contract. The second way is by creating a blog and monetizing it by running advertising, or by sponsorship.

CNNMoney.com recently ran an article called “Blogging for big bucks” and stated that the “blogging-for-dollars phenomenon is only in its infancy… For a growing cadre of bloggers, the opportunities to score fat profits from pumping out posts on whatever their particular passions might be are widening…” Angela agrees with this, and says the blogging-for-pay phenomenon is set to take off in a big way, as more companies realize the huge benefits of blogging.

The major advantage of a career as a freelance blogger, Angela says, is that it's easy to get into. “I've turned down many high-paying blog-job offers this year, and I know many other copywriters and freelancers who've been forced to turn down jobs too, because they're just too busy. Companies are offering a minimum of $ 1000 a month for a couple of blog posts each weekday, which is great pay for a couple of hours work a day.”

There's a special bonus for Blogging For Dollars purchasers for a short time. Angela is offering a free half-hour consultation.

For more information, visit:


Contact Angela Booth at:


Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing teacher. Her blog, Angela Booth's Writing Blog at http://copywriter.typepad.com/ is read by thousands of writers every week.


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You can Earn Money by Blogging!

Indeed this is true. If the first outburst of blogging in the Internet was introduced for hobbyists, now, you can enjoy doing it, while earning thousands of dollars.

Yes, truly and surely, you can make money blogging. Realistically, the most you can make is a few hundred dollars a month that cannot be found on trees or scoffed at. Nowadays, the Blogosphere, a social network of bloggers, have provided more options and ways wherein you can maximize your earning potential by blogging.

Do you want to make money blogging? Then, choose an ideal blog site that will cater to your requirements for a blog, sign up, create a blog and publish it right away! Blogging sites allow you to build blogs according to your tastes. Others have HTML and link options. Others have customized templates where you can change your blog page's color and design.

In between signing up and creating a blog, though, you must know what subject to blog about. Your subject is an important consideration, so take your time conceptualizing before jumping into the fray. If you must know, the subject will be the determining factor how much money you can earn with the blog you're going to create.

Try to look for subjects or topics that pay more from per click among others. Check out Google AdWords and AdSense to know how much each clicks on a subject costs. Google AdSense then allows you to place ads on your blog. Once a user happens to open your blog and click on the advertisement, you will earn money on it. Just that!

There is also the BlogAds.com services wherein allows you to gain control over the ads appearing on your blog. This service is not based on a pay-per-click system, meaning it will allow you to make money blogging regardless of the number of clicks on the ads.

This is because BlogAds pay companies for the space of their ads for a certain period. Their sign up options are free and after joining, you can then determine what your advertising prices you will charge.

Once your offering is announced to companies, consequently, they will contact you for an ad space on your blog. Google, meanwhile, will place any ad that has keywords related to your blog. Any which way, you are guaranteed to earn.

Other ways to secure earning from your blogging activities is to become an affiliate partner to another company. There is a popular affiliate program, which provides commission to its partners for every click on the ad, placed on their site/blog. You will also get a percentage from the sale of their product made in your blog.

There are plenty of affiliate programs with varied commission percentages. Others even offer profit sharing.

If you are blogging for a specific cause, you still can take advantage of it in a positive way. You can earn money blogging for a cause. You can ask people to give donations for a specific cause, though most of it will go to you.

You can use the PayPal donation button and put on your site. There is also Amazon with its honor system that sets up a donation button for you.

Are picking up nice ideas already? Well, here is one you will definitely enjoy, how about making money through blogging about unique merchandise and then offering them up for sale simultaneously in your blog site?

There are people who would gladly spend for merchandise that are custom-made, unique and totally out of this world! Edit your blog headline into a catchy one, create your very own logo and then offer up these kinds of items with your logo in it. It will be a sort of brand tag.

There are online companies that allow you to design your own items and those that allow you to custom design your logo, too. You will see how it will boost your blog once people start wearing and using your items with your logo attached in it.

Do not just concentrate on one way of money – earning opportunity. You can even combine these methods and earn more.

As the blogosphere develops, evolves and takes with it lots of internet users, so as earning opportunities increase by blogging. Just think, you will enjoy blogging as a hobby and earn in the outset, too!

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Avoid the common traps in blogging

Are you one of those that do not yet have the capability of blogging to help your business? Then, you are way behind all the others.

Professional and small businesses alike have already taken their marketing into blogs to communicate and keep in touch with their target customers and consumers alike.

You may have heard about it already. How people already have their own blog sites and how they work successfully with their niche market. Reports have also shown how their profits have been boosted because of blogging. These and among other things are enough for you to jump up and start blogging right away.

What you may not know about is that there are also many bloggers who have fallen into some of the pitfalls of blogging when they first started their own. And take note, these are the same persons who are so good in running their business.

Now, the question. Why do this competitive and successful people fall short when it comes to blogging?

The answer? Blog pitfalls. Not knowing what are these and how to best avoid them.

What are some of the pitfalls in blogging that you need to be aware of to ensure you do not make the same mistakes that others have fallen into.

1. Writing nonsense instead of writing answers to questions your consumers have. You have not undergone keyword search or asked your clients what they want to know first. And you may be thinking that blogs are just like diaries online.

With this beliefs, all you write about is you, your life and other related details. You are actually drifting away from your target. And you are contradicting the business building tool capability of your blog.

2. You pretend to be an expert in order to build more credibility but in reality, you do not have any idea about the blogging software you are using. You can blame this part on the new technology being used on blogging that you are not an expert on. But that is not reason enough.

You need to research and learn more about how to use your blog features before you even start one. Get to know how to make use of your blogs for visibility and accessibility over the Internet. Have a basic knowledge about trackbacks and permanent link features. They will prove important and necessary.

3. No blog category. The readers are confused about what topics are you writing about. They do not have any idea what they are getting into. They probably would not even attempt to find yours if they have to guess first what it is you are trying to say.

What is your main message? Your focus? What will be in your blog that your readers can benefit from? Try to answer these questions.

4. Your blog does not reflect you and your business. Your blog is a mess and your customers cannot seem to find any similarity between your blog and your business.

Your blog should be an extension of your business. Make your customers feel like they are doing business with you in the comfortable ambiance of your office. Your blogs should reflect your business image.

5. You have no idea about other blogs in the same field. You do not spend time looking at other blogs to see what is being written about and to see the strategies that others are using. You do not know what is happening on the market.

Blogging takes commitments. You have to let your readers know that you are present and that they are able to contact you through your blogs. Give some of your time to your blogs.

6. Your blogs have no appropriate contents posted. If all you ever have in your blogs are advertising and marketing about your products, expect your customers to get bored, go away and never come back. They have had enough of sales being presented to them. Spare them the sales talk. Try to write something not about what you are offering. Find other related topics you can talk about.

7. You have not visited your blog site for some time. One of the sins in blogging is not updating what is written. Expect to lose the traffic you have been getting.

If you are not doing anything about your blog, why have one in the first place?

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The Blogger's Secret Weapon

US Virgin Islands (PRWEB) June 16, 2009

Blogging Beginners is the fool-proof way for everyday people to launch a profitable blog empire by harnessing to almost limitless potential of niche blogging or drive visitors to your already existing business site. Day after day people are hungry for vital but obscure information. Blogging Beginners painstakingly shows savvy entrepreneurs how to post engaging sites and draw traffic, all with minimal technical knowledge. Produced by noted niche blogging authorities Randy the Hermit and Mark “Wizzer” Wilson there is no more feature-packed program available.

“Each day otherwise savvy entrepreneurs are walking away from the chance to potentially earn top dollar, all the while providing a valuable service to curious web searchers. No longer do perceived lacks of technical or copywriting skill have to hold people back,” said Randy the Hermit. “Blogging Beginners makes those roadblocks evaporate. This is the easiest, fastest way to launch a Website and keep it current with the latest in quality content.”

Blogging Beginners is far and away the best program of its type. Subscribers get hands on help to get started and have a hand to hold, helping them at every turn.

Blogging Beginners buyers get the following, and more:

    Optimized Hosted Blogs – Thanks to Blafeo, a brand new hosting service, Blogging Beginners will take care of all the technical work. All the right plugins are installed and maintained so any user can literally have a blog up in minutes.
    The Blogging Beginners Fast Start Action Guide – This is a day by day guide so users can have blogs optimized, customized, up and running in no time.
    Powerful Videos – Handy video guides show exactly what to do to get blogs up and running, how to optimize sites, how to find a domain name, how to configure your blog, what plugins you must use, how to use micro blogs like Twitter, and much more.
    Videos By Request – Ask any question at all and the Blogging Beginners team will provide a quick, concise answer.
    250 Ready To Post Blog Articles – Each month Blogging Beginners provides 250 ready to go pieces of blog content. These are blog length articles proven to be eaten up by both search engines and web site visitors. Articles are broken up into 10 niches, 25 new posts per niche for a total of three new posts a week. This is professionally written compelling content that visitors want to read, Niches are not randomly selected, but are carefully chosen to provide maximum profit potential.
    Blog Comments Ready To Go – Blogging Beginners genius however is that they also provide 10 complete blog comments for each niche. Comments are the key to establish backlinks, which help the search engines determine credibility and relevance. Their system provides 100 blog comments ready to be grabbed and posted in related blogs for instant backlinks, propelling blogs to the top of the search engines.
    Monthly Delivery For Life – Blogging Beginners sends 250 articles and 100 blog comments spread across 10 different niches each month for the life of a membership. The system is designed to offer continuous and ongoing support, keeping blogs, fresh and relevant over the long term.

For more information about Blogging Beginners, visit http://www.bloggingbeginners.com/


Randy the Hermit or Mark “Wizzer” Wilson



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