How do I create an additional blog on my tumblr?

I have a tumblr created already and I want to add an additional one to my account. I don't know how to do this. I went to the help section and it tells me to go to my dash board and click create new blog, but there is no button that says that. Are these instructions wrong? Can someone help me please?

Go onto your dash board and click on the little down arrow beside the name of your blog, which should be on the right hand side below the amount of people you follow and how many posts you like. Then simply select ‘create a new blog'

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Can I post my own content on my blog, but have a dedicated stream (maybe three times per hour) or an RSS feed from various sites on my ad supported blog? Is it legal for me to do so since I am making money in the process?

the question is it illegal???

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What is the importance of blogging to search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the newest trend among online marketers. Today, companies have recognized that one of the most effective ways of getting free advertising on the Internet is to show up first under relevant search terms in the various engines.

Trying your best to get into the system can sometimes make your site bounce back search engines in the process. But then there are some ways of making sure that both the architecture and the content of pages is as friendly as possible to the search engine spider.

That is why web site owners are continuously conjuring up techniques for search engines to read them as one of the best. The newest addition to doing this is though blogging.

Search engines are in love with blogs.

Blogs come complete with permalinks, regular updates and with the newest and accurate content. All these in one package is enough to make spiders not want for more.

There are also blogs that spider do not like. Some blogging habits are less useful to spiders than they could be. News oriented and political blogs have the tendency to link the phrase “read the whole thing” most often.

This is just fine for humans since they are able to see the link in the context of the post. But a spider do not have the capability to do this. Although they can read the contextual part of your blog, they do not really comprehend the “whole thing” part.

If you want your blogs attain higher search engines positioning, keep in mind that the spider is the one that determines if you are worthy of the rank.

Below are some spider-sensitive factors you have to consider when creating a post for your blog.

Use a descriptive title. Titles or headlines are given more focus by search engines. It is important that you think of a good one for your blog post. Better use highly targeted keyword phrases that will best describe the content you are writing about. Do not create one that has been used over and over again. Be creative and think of something spiders do not get to see often.

Emphasize what needs to be emphasized. Be sure to make use of the same targeted keywords that you use in the title to the content of your article. You can have repetitions of words that are important. Make them bold or use them in external links. In using your keywords, do not make it appear redundant. Use them and make sense at the same time.

Put yourself in the search engines' shoes. Search engines have clever algorithms to bring relevant results. Unfortunately, they do not have the intelligence inherent in humans. Choose your words wisely. Using shortcut or idioms is not wise. Use standard words and go directly to the point.

Look up the right keywords to use. There are many tools now that you can use to help you research on the keyword to use. This can help you select the titles and keywords that are most often searched for by your audience. Using this research can help you decide if more people will find your article on “automobiles” if you use the keyword “cars” instead.

Google, Overture and Word Tracker are just some of these. They will help you find out what keywords are most popular and the most people are searching for. By doing keyword research, you can take blogging and advertising to the next level.

Keep in mind that these things are just guidelines for you to based your blogs posts on. They are not really assurances that you will get the search engine rank that you are looking for.

Also, do not be obsessed with writing just for the spider. They are not humans. What is important is that through blogging, you get to convey to the people the message you want read. They are your prime target after all.

Spiders should only just be your second purpose when you do your blogs. Just give them the fresh and keyword-content filled content that they are looking for and you will surely be on your way to optimizing your search engine position.

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