Edmond, OK (PRWEB) December 19, 2005

In recent years, millions of people have succumbed to the blog phenomenon, writing and publishing their own online journals about politics, relationships or their favorite TV shows. Short for ?web log,? blogs are the newest form of independent journalism ? and it seems as though everyone from pre-teens to senior citizens is jumping on the blog bandwagon. In the past, bloggers have been rewarded only with the respect and admiration of those who read their postings. Now, however, the popular web site WorldVillage promises an opportunity for serious bloggers to make some serious cash at http://blog.worldvillage.com

?Everyone has something to say, and everyone has something that they can teach to the rest of us,? says Joel Comm, founder of WorldVillage.com. ?Our web site has always been about community and family-friendly entertainment, and it only made sense to add blogging to that equation. Now our visitors can share a little bit of their own knowledge while they learn from each other.?

The best part is that members of the WorldVillage Blog Network can make money by using Google AdSense to show advertisements on their blog pages. The ads don?t interfere with the content of the blog, and bloggers stand to make 50% of the ad revenues generated by their site. ?Blogging is easy and fun,? says Comm. ?Our bloggers have a chance to make a profit and to gain tons of exposure for their writing. And all they need to do is log in once a week and talk about the things that interest them. It?s like getting paid to have a conversation with a friend.?

Participants in WorldVillage?s Blog Network can choose from a variety of subjects on which to write including health, business, the arts, family and recreation. There are currently dozens of bloggers on WorldVillage, and the site is taking applications for more. ?You?re probably not going to get rich from blogging,? admits Comm. ?But you just might make a little extra cash, meet a lot of really great people, and end up having the time of your life.?

To learn more about WorldVillage?s Blog Network or to apply to become a blog contributor, visit http://blog.worldvillage.com/sys/signup2.cgi

About WorldVillage

WorldVillage.com is a member of the InfoMedia.Inc. family of web sites which includes http://www.DealofDay.com, http://www.FreeBitz.com, http://www.FamilyFirst.com, and the newly-launched http://www.SudokuPuzzlesOnline.com. Founded by Joel Comm, an author, technology buff and game enthusiast, InfoMedia, Inc. has been striving to provide family-friendly entertainment and other useful resources via the World Wide Web since 1995. The company is based in Edmond, OK. For more information contact InfoMedia, Inc. at (405) 348-2800 or visit http://www.WorldVillage.com.

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