(PRWEB) September 08, 2011

Progressive software development company, PerfectMIND, is offering tips and tools to small businesses so they can revolutionize the use of social media.

CEO and founder of PerfectMIND.com, Farid Dordar, says, “While most small businesses are trying to find ways to take advantage of social media marketing, not all are educated on how to achieve this goal. Having a Facebook page and the ‘Like' plug-in on a site is not enough. Socializing with customers is much deeper than that.”

“Running a social business requires a fundamental change in the way businesses think as well as rethinking the tools that they use everyday to run socially interactive customer databases. Interaction with customers and partners are key to a successful implementation of this new change,” says Dordar.

PerfectMIND would like to offer a few tips on how to make the change to better meet customer needs as well as their own marketing objectives:

?Allow others to contribute to your business content and blog

Creating conversation, educating customers about the benefit of your products and services, and writing relevant content is not only time consuming but also requires expertise that you might not have. Allowing your best customers to contribute to your website content not only makes your site more interactive but also more interesting for the new visitors.

?Let customer show off their purchases on your website

It is a part of the human psyche to mimic the practices of others, purchasing included. The busier you seem to be the more interesting you become for others to check you out. Let?s not forget that your deals become more powerful to your new visitors when they see how others are also interested in your newly created deal.

?Get customers to interact with you as well as your other customers

Allowing customers to ask questions, give tips or simply post a personal message not only gets your customers to interact with your business more often, but also gives new visitors confidence in your company, easing trust issues and encouraging them to make more purchases.

?Let customers to sell your products and services for cash rewards

Imagine having everyone promote and sell your products for you, instead of just a few sales people. Giving your customers incentives to refer, promote, or even sell your products is the new social way to increase sales. Allowing customers to see their rewards online is also an important factor to successfully implementing a reward program in your business.

For more information, please visit http://www.PerfectMIND.com.

About PerfectMIND

PerfectMIND was founded in 2000 by developing software for specialty verticals with a strong focus on having a solid understanding of small business methodologies while being an inventive social company. Now, after having worked with over 5000 clients world-wide, PerfectMIND is ready to progress our technology to a sector focused on horizontal markets. Our product team is consistently searching for new ways to improve our Business Solutions with the latest and greatest technology available.


Farid Dordar

CEO and founder of perfectmind.com (making the fundamental change to run a social business)



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Oakville, Ontario (PRWEB) December 4, 2007

Canada Yearbook Services, a yearbook publishing company with over 50 years of experience producing yearbooks for high schools, colleges, churches, and other organizations, is excited to announce the launch of a new blog site to help high schools and colleges with the printing and publishing of high school yearbooks and college yearbooks. The blog features several categories and a wide range of helpful information to facilitate yearbook production and yearbook printing.

The color yearbook printing company launched their new blog site in an effort to augment their already substantial support services for schools and organizations that face a myriad of challenges and options in producing yearbooks on an annual basis. A year book publisher that takes great pride in providing enduring keepsakes for their clients, Canada Yearbook Services is constantly pursuing logistical and economical innovations to save money and make the publishing process easier for their clients.

Canada Yearbook Services President Bryan Payne added, “Putting together a yearbook with all the pictures, events, and information is an enormously challenging undertaking for any organization and our aim is to make the process flow as smoothly as possible. We've launched our new blog site as a way for our clients to share ideas and troubleshoot production difficulties before they occur which will save time in the critical early stages of the project.”

The new blog site offers a wide range of helpful information targeting different aspects of yearbook publishing including:

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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2006

BloggersHQ.com is a new bloggers community gathering webmasters together and offering them innovative services in order to improve their blogs using professional tools, thus building traffic and make money from it. The forum structured layout is the natural environment in which BloggersHQ.com is developed in order to make members interaction easier.

People visiting BloggersHQ.com can find free resources to get help on how to start blogging, and a discussion place where to talk about blogs. In this way they can share ideas and get inspiration for new features to be implemented in their blogs.

Everyday new bloggers come in and help other webmasters improve their blogs? quality and traffic. In fact the free link exchange service gives to webmasters the opportunity to obtain links for free thus developing traffic in time on the long run.

Moreover a download section is available, where webmasters can find and share free promotional tools. Using those tools on their blogs allow them to enhance their content quality and build traffic to the site, that is the primary target of every webmaster trying to promote their content on the internet.

BloggersHQ.com was launched on March 16 and since then new members join the community and sign up everyday.

A competition for members is available as well, letting them to win a Silver Mini iPod.

Furthermore webmasters can make money from their personal blogs by selling advertisement space, or selling their blog if they want so, thanks to the free market place in which they can interact. For instance, in this way new content can be acquired, or blog freelance writers can be hired.

As a plus, members are allowed to create a private or public image gallery, and create a blog if they don?t have one. Thanks to BloggersHQ.com anyone can create their own blog and learn how to improve it.

For more information on the free bloggers community or on how make money from a blog, visit the site http://www.bloggershq.com .

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Website Will Pay Brides To Share Their Wedding Proposal Story with No Catch

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 25, 2011

Who does not need some extra money these days?

http://www.BettingOnYourFuture.com will pay the first 20 brides $ 25 cash or a $ 50 discount coupon towards their wedding accessories!

All brides have to do is write a funny, interesting or really cool post on the website's blog about their engagement or wedding proposal. That is it!

Did he propose using the scoreboard during a NFL game? Did he have the proposal printed in the love of his life's favorite newspaper? Did he have the band call his sweetheart up on the stage unexpectedly while at a concert?

Whatever it was, if it was funny, interesting or really cool BettingOnYourFuture.com wants to hear about it and brides can earn some extra cash for their upcoming wedding!

The eye catching website sells from wedding invitations, favors & gifts, bridal shower accessories, jewelry, hair accessories, lingerie, garters & veils, reception decorations, cake toppers to anniversary accessories at very reasonable prices. “We want to help make every bride's wedding day unforgettable for her and her handsome guy. These memories will after all last for the rest of this happy couples' lives.” says the website owner, Belinda Lloyd.

Follow this link to their blog to start earning extra cash for that upcoming wedding!



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More Bloggers are Quitting Their Jobs and Blogging Full-Time

Springfield, Mo. (PRWEB) November 22, 2005 –

Over the past year, 26 year old Eric Reynolds has become a full-time blogger. He now makes enough money blogging that he is considering quitting his job with Expedia Inc. and living off of only his blog profits.

“A few months ago I realized that I was almost making as much money from my blog as I was from my real job. That's when I decided to start http://www.subnixus.com and document the journey from my nine to five job to living off of only my blog.” he said.

Since starting his site two months ago, it has quickly become one of the premiere on-line stops for bloggers wanting to learn how to make money from their own blogs. By sharing the tips he has learned over the past few years, he has been able to help hundreds of bloggers get started along the same path. However, he is quick to point out that a full-time blogger needs more than just a blog.

“Some people think that having a blog is all you need, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You have to provide something that readers can't find anywhere else. In essence you are quite literally selling yourself. Good writing skills and unique content are essential things to have in a successful blog.” he said.

For more information on blogging, or how bloggers are making money online, visit his site at http://www.subnixus.com


Eric Reynolds





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