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The Unemployment Rate Hits 9.8%, with 15.1 Million Out of Work Offers Strategies for Saving Money

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2010

Personal finance blog tackles saving money and building wealth in the midst of economic uncertainty in its recent post at

The recent spike in the unemployment rate caught many economists by surprise, leaving the nation anxious and providing much ammunition for political wrangling over unemployment benefits and tax cuts.

The Washington Post commented on this issue saying that “Democratic lawmakers have been working to extend unemployment insurance into 2011, but Republicans are demanding spending cuts to offset costs. Without congressional approval, unemployment benefits will run out for 2 million people in December, and several million more will lose them in the coming months.”

Some news outlets have noted that this “game of chicken” is foolish as it puts the financial health of the average American family at risk. For many families, this uncertainty has made saving money and shoring up personal finances more urgent than ever.

Personal finance blog addressed these concerns in a recent post entitled 18 Simple Pointers to Lasting Wealth by encouraging readers to make a top priority of spending less than they earn. “If you are spending more than you are earning, you must either start earning more or spending less,” says Ning on his blog.

Of course, this important principle can be challenging to implement–especially in light of a 9.8% unemployment rate. This is why focuses much of its content on helping people consider new and creative ways to limit their expenses and maximize their savings.

Since its launch in 2007, has made a priority of helping individuals and their families develop the habit of spending less than they earn. The “live below your means” message resonates with’s more than 300,000 monthly readers, making the money-related blog one of the most popular financial blogs on the Internet.

David Ning, founder of, knows firsthand how difficult it can be to make ends meet on limited means. He launched in 2007 to help others understand how saving money on daily expenses can, over time, build wealth and financial security.

Subscribers of receive a copy of David Ning’s eBook How to Save Money on Everything. They also receive a weekly newsletter and are given access to a mini course on frugal living. Go to to subscribe.

Visit to read 18 Simple Pointers to Lasting Wealth in full. Or for more tips on saving money, go to

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Effective Ways to Start Blogging

People have different thoughts that want to express. Mostly, they cannot show it because of many reasons. Most people just keep their thoughts inside them and never speak it out.

One way of expressing these thoughts out of them is through writing. Writing is the usual outlet of those people that are afraid to show or express their thoughts through their mouth or through their gestures.

People's thought are usually written and published so that it can be shared and read by others. Many papers and publications publish people's thoughts for different reasons, but the purpose is to inform.

With the advent of technology, new ways are introduced to share people's thoughts. It introduced more high tech and faster way of expressing ideas and sharing thoughts through blogs.

Blogs are web site- based journals where people can publish their ideas, thoughts and ideas online. Anyone that wanted to share and give information can start a blog. It is straight- forward and in many cases, it is free.

The term blog is the shortened form of web blog or web log. Authoring a blog, maintaining and adding an article to an existing blogs is called blogging. The individual articles on a blog are called blog posts or entries, and the person who posts the entries is called the blogger.

Blogs are the fastest growing mode of mass communication in the world today. Blogs are very powerful. It has the capabilities of affecting elections, corporate policy and even brings down a country. It has the power of changing the mind and mentality of human. Blogs can change the world.

The following are suggested steps in starting a blog. This is useful for those who want to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions in a very efficient and fast way.

1. Look for blog sites. There are free blog sites and some are with charge. All blogs sites whether free or with charge come with many features but it vary.

2. Try to explore and check out blog sites that offer features that attract you most.

3. A blog can be private or personal. You should decide on whether the blog you are going to post is to be either of the two. You should decide if you want any internet visitors or users are able to read your blog or if you just want, your friends and family be the one to read it. There are many blog sites that offer the ability to password- protect the published posts so that only those who are approve of can view the blog posted.

4. You can create the look of your blog. Decide on how you want it to appear. You can choose color scheme and layout that will satisfy you. Most sites come with sets of predefined layouts and scheme where you can choose from or you can edit your own.

5. When you are done setting up your blog, test it out by writing a few posts. Adjust the layout or style that you see fit.

6. If you want to make your blog look more attractive, there are some sites with many features to make it look better.

7. After creating and making your blog attractive, you can now publish your blog by sending the URL to people whom you want to be able to read your blog. You can also publish the URL on your website. Add the URL to posts you make on the other blogs.

Before posting your blog, spell- checks your writing. Always keep the posts interesting. Try to avoid focusing on things that most readers will not find worthwhile.

If you want people to return on a regular basis on your site to read it, update your blog more frequently. Try to establish a reader base that will motivate you to write more and in return, more people will read your posts.

If no one visits your site for the first few months, do not feel bogged down. Since we are in a very large society and in different communities, it will take time for your blog to be noticed.

Some slang terms and too many abbreviations offend readers. If you want a broad readership, do not use many abbreviations and slang terms. Make use of words that can be understood by many people.

In making blogs, it requires sincerity and dedication. The wanting to share ideas, thoughts, opinions and information felt in every article being posted. Every time you post, include your heart.

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Hey Guys ! Help me out here . I am going to create a new blog , but i dont want ppl to know I have just made it .
So I dont want the dates to appear . Can anyone help me out here ?
Something to do with Feed Burner ?

you can do this very easily,
just go to layout,
you will see there the parts or elements of your website,
you will also see a box named blogposts and at the bottom right there will be "edit" link,
click on that and un check whatever you don't want and save.

I'll be thankful for your answer.

In my opinion WordPress blogs are the best because they are better optimized for the search engines. There are a number of ways to monetize a blog. Below are 2 articles that can help you.

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) September 17, 2006

Blogging is the newest and hottest Internet career opportunity. It's also a business opportunity. Freelance bloggers are highly paid, and blogging entrepreneurs have created blogging empires and sold them for millions of dollars.

Blogs have come a long way from being personal journals. Major companies now have blogs, as do one-person micro-businesses. Copywriter Angela Booth's new ebook, Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger — in your PJs, if you want… and make more money than you thought possible with zero financial investment, shows you how to turn a blog into both a career and a business.

Angela says: “I created my first blog in 2002, and found it wonderful way for a writer to build a platform online. Then in 2004, I started being approached by companies to blog for them, because a company blog is a way to get attention and visibility.”

Her new ebook, Blogging For Dollars, covers the two major ways of making money by blogging. The first way is freelance blogging – blogging for businesses under contract. The second way is by creating a blog and monetizing it by running advertising, or by sponsorship. recently ran an article called “Blogging for big bucks” and stated that the “blogging-for-dollars phenomenon is only in its infancy… For a growing cadre of bloggers, the opportunities to score fat profits from pumping out posts on whatever their particular passions might be are widening…” Angela agrees with this, and says the blogging-for-pay phenomenon is set to take off in a big way, as more companies realize the huge benefits of blogging.

The major advantage of a career as a freelance blogger, Angela says, is that it's easy to get into. “I've turned down many high-paying blog-job offers this year, and I know many other copywriters and freelancers who've been forced to turn down jobs too, because they're just too busy. Companies are offering a minimum of $ 1000 a month for a couple of blog posts each weekday, which is great pay for a couple of hours work a day.”

There's a special bonus for Blogging For Dollars purchasers for a short time. Angela is offering a free half-hour consultation.

For more information, visit:

Contact Angela Booth at:

Angela Booth is a copywriter, author and writing teacher. Her blog, Angela Booth's Writing Blog at is read by thousands of writers every week.


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