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i'm on blogspot…
i'm trying to find out, before i make something of my blog… How can i make money from the hits? i saw an article in a magazine and i know there's not that much money in it but i'd just like to learn a bit more about it…
Anyone have any advice?
Thanks in advance!

If you want to make money online with blog you will need the following
A blogging platform—like word press or joomla which you have
You will need to choose a topic that has money behind it, you can research using Google keyword tool
You will need [pages on your blog optimized for those keywords
You would then need links pointing to those keywords rich pages to rise high on Google
You will also need ad sense or am product to sell from sites like click bank
You will also need a way to make payments
You will need to write content every day or get it written for you
Stick to it and it will work
before you try it out for yourself be careful and follow someone who knows
Starting your own online business can be tricky sand you might need the following
to answer your question use google adsense

Creating a WordPress Blog

Learn more about setting up a blog here.

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Adding Google adSense to a Blogger Blog

In this video we show you how to add adSense ads to your your google blog to start earing money from your Google Blogger Blog.

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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) January 17, 2011 gives a bit of food-for-thought and practical money tips to consumers who are considering hiring a CPA or other tax professional for the upcoming 2011 tax season. The post, entitled Choosing a Tax Professional: What to Consider, is available at

According to, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently implemented regulations that will affect tax preparers in the upcoming 2011 tax season. In years past, anyone could charge a fee to prepare taxes for others. Now, anyone who wants to prepare taxes must first register with the government and pass a series of competency tests. Tax preparers will also be required to participate in continuing education.

IRS spokesman Mark Hanson was quoted in article explaining the reason behind these changes, “The bottom line is, having your federal taxes prepared is one of the most important financial transactions that any taxpayer will have in any given year.”

Personal finance blog addresses exactly this issue in a recent post entitled Choosing a Tax Professional: What to Consider. In discussing the importance of solidly prepared tax documents, considers the appropriate use of tax preparation software and helps readers think through when their financial circumstances call for the help of a tax professional.

Thursday Bram, the blog post’s author explains, “…Tax preparation software doesn’t catch everything and it’s generally worthwhile to have a pro look things over… it doesn’t take much for a tax situation to get complicated.”

David Ning is an author, trusted advisor and founder of as well as a regular contributor to the “ON RETIREMENT” section of Ning focuses on money tips for those seeking to build wealth slowly over time through smart management of their capital resources. was launched in 2007 and has been offering practical, straightforward money tips ever since. The blog enjoys a monthly readership of over 300,000 and a growing Facebook fan page. Content from the popular blog has been featured on the,, and

Subscribers of have access to a growing library of personal finance information including David Ning’s free eBook How to Save Money on Everything, a weekly newsletter, and a 7-part mini e-course full of useful money tips.

Visit to subscribe to updates.

Or, to read Choosing a Tax Professional: What to Consider in its entirety, go to

To learn more money tips visit

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Where to Bank in Australia

A few years before Australia gained its independence from the UK, the Government of Western Australia established the Agricultural Bank of Western Australia Later known as Bankwest, the new lender provided support for the state’s burgeoning farming industry.

According to the official history, the bank was not a bank at first, in that it did not collect deposits directly from the public. Rather, it was government lending institution that lent money only to farmers.

Even when the nation gained its independence from the UK in 1901, Bankwest catered to the state’s farming industry. The bank changed its name to the Rural and Industries Bank of Western Australia in 1945 and nothing changed.

It wasn’t until the bank became a market leader in its home state that it re-examined its role as a niche player. In 1994, the bank officially changed its name to the Rural and Industries Bank of Western Australia, or Bankwest for short.

A profitable bank, the Bank of Western Australia Ltd, was acquired by the Bank of Scotland in 1995. The publically traded company was acquired by its majority shareholder, HBOS plc in 2003. Bankwest is now a part of the Commonwealth Bank Group, which is Australia’s leading provider of financial services.

Although they got a bit of a late start, Bankwest now offers business banking, institutional baking, premium banking, retail banking, and insurance and investment banking. Bankwest credit cards are also offered at all participating locations.

A recent credit cards comparison found that Bankwest offers more ATMs than any other bank in Australia. There are more than four thousand Bankwest CBA ATMs nationwide. Bankwest credit cards also offer 24-hour telephone and internet support. With credit card and identity fraud on the rise, these call centers help thousands of customers each and every day.

Credit cards comparison is never easy. All of the major banks offer different interest rates, services, and special incentives. Bankwest credit cards offer some of the most competitive rates in the country. Their popular Bankwest Lite MasterCard has an annual interest rate of just 5.99%, which is quite low by industry standards. The card also offers members the same rate (5.99%) on balance transfers, which is incredibly low by industry standards.

Our latest credit cards comparison also uncovered a rather attractive rate for the company’s Bankwest More MasterCard. Like most premium cards, the More MasterCard offers members access to rewards programs. The concept is quite simple: the more you spend, the more you save. Cardholders can earn between 1.5 to 2 points for each dollar they spend. These points can be redeemed for cash rebates or merchandise.

One of the company’s most popular new offerings is the Bankwest Zero MasterCard. Cardholders are charged absolutely no annual fees. Applying for Bankwest Low Interest Rate credit cards is easy with the help of the internet. Online applications are often reviewed within 24 hours and new members may receive their cards in as little as two weeks

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