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Your Questions About Blog For Cash Tips

Carol asks…

stock tips every day for free ?

Any site/Blog gives stocks tips for free in CASH,FUTURE .Did they mention why they suggesting it

admin answers:

Http:// blog gives stock tips for free.Best thing i like other than free tips about this blog is they give chart of stocks and indices.
They also conduct chat show with technical analyst with Bullish and bearish view ,so we will get both views for next days trading

James asks…

how do i create a blog/website?

so.. i'm a fair bit strapped for cash atm and i wana start a blog, or a website. an adult kind.

are there templates for these kinda things?
how do my customers make payment to me?
how do i build a fan/customer base quickly?
any tips?
or anything i might need to know?

and. and.. any of you know of any sites so i can see what else is out there?

and thank you all in advance. (:

admin answers:

How to start a blog

Learn how to create a blog. This article walks you through the basics of choosing a blog system, setting up your blog, getting traffic to your blog, and making money from your blog.

Read the full article here:

Some Themes:



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The Lowdown on Mobile Blogging Basics

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It's official you are the final blog geek. You have been doing it for just about 2 years now, posting entries on your private blog about every second day for the reading pleasure of quite a few your blog's steadfast fans. Fortunate for you, your real job permits you to go browsing every now and then inside a day to test your blog and consistently put updates about your life, your thoughts, and your weird experiences. But one day at work, you sit in front of your PC and type in the address of your blog, only to find out the address has been blocked by administration.

Seemingly, there's a new rule that proscribes workers from gaining access to blog sites while they're at work. One of the most important reasons why you started a blog was so you might have a place to vent out your annoyances about work, other folks, and life generally. And an apparently biased rule that prohibits staff to go to blog sites is just the type of disappointment that you rejoice in ranting about on your blog. Sadly , that doesn't appear possible any longer. Put aside your blogging blues for a second and read on, because here is some engaging info that we believe you would find quite handy : the reality is, employing a PC and the Net isn't the only way to post on your blog. Thanks to technology, you may compose and publish your blog entries thru your mobile telephone anytime, anywhere! Called mobile blogging, it is steadily becoming more popular as more people are getting hooked on what's a. K. A moblogging. Cannot bear to wait to get blogging on your cell-phone? Prior to doing, below are some tips on mobile blogging basics. One. Important things first : join up to a blog which has mobile blogging capacities. Two. Join up to a new e-mail account. Ideally , you are only to use this account for your mobile blogging activities. Three.

Set up your weblogging software so it will constantly take a look at your e-mail account for messages and e-mails to post. Four. Start moblogging! All you've got to do is use your cellphone to send messages or posts to your e-mail account. The weblogging software that you set up will then be waiting for these mails, that the weblogging software is programmed to immediately post on your blog once it receives them.

So keep your blog mouth-watering and updated whenever, wherever you are with merely a telephone in hand and tons of ideas.

Start moblogging now!

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Your Questions About Blog For Businesses

Betty asks…

How can i improve my Blog?

I have a trade focused business to business blog for the events industry –

Can you suggest ways that i can improve it, im looking for suggestions that focus on user experience, seo, and usability

admin answers:

Try to use your primary keywords as your anchor Text.

1) Keep it simple and easily readable. By simple, I mean the language(I assume English) should be understandable, grammatically correct, and simple vocab.
2) Know your target audience. What they want to read,their age groups,knowledge level. Also this will help you with the content development (like which slang to use and not to use)

3) For traffic, use FB,Myspace,Twitter account. Orkut will do good for you if you are in Asia or in Brazil.

4)Use more and more anchor text, rather than using “click here” or “for more info. Go to” like stuff.

5) Use blog submission websites and social bookmarking website. If you haven't used Technorati
,then start using it. It will do a wonder of good to your Blog

Michael asks…

How many domain names do i need? Marketing, Resume, Blog, various businesses?

I have 2 websites up each with their own domain name and
I own 1 more name.
For my personal webpage then should I get another name- and another for my blog?
can I have my personal page hosted on hostgator then get a subdomain and use wordpress for my blog and have the subdomain as the name for the blog?
If I am going to use a page as a resume site to get jobs should I keep it seperate from my personal stuff?
Are there any cheaper ways to go for getting good domain names than the major institutions?
If I am going to be signing up for forums, newsgroups, etc. and answering questions with the motivation of signing off with my website which website do i use- a chief website for myself with the others linked to it or a link directly to my business site?

admin answers:

Each website and domain name should be content specific. Jamming all of your different ideas into one website will be confusing to both human visitors and the search engines.

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eBolt Group Launches Flagship Personal Finance Blog: “”

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 24, 2006

eBolt Group, an online blog publishing and media company, has announced the launch of its flagship personal finance blog “Cash Intellect.” Cash Intellect will give its readers a daily dose of personal finance tips both derived from original pieces written by its editors along with the best news and opinion from around the web.

“Cash Intellect will serve its readers as a trusted online friend with whom you expect daily doses of financial wisdom,” said Brian Reed, Chief Operations Officer for eBolt Group. “Our basic goals are to provide our readers with usable information that they can then apply to their personal financial situations and start seeing positive changes. We

live in a time in which information is plentiful yet skewed and disorganized. We are building a brand of trusted information sources here at eBolt Group.”

“Blogs and Blogging have introduced a radical new means of

distributing and consuming quality content,” said James Woods, CEO of eBolt Group. “New forms of monetization have also allowed new media companies such as eBolt to enter the market and provide quality content to its readers and in turn quality consumers to its advertising partners.” “The landscape of personal finance is rapidly changing, and consumers are in need of trusted guides to help them filter the deluge of information and opinions that we are faced with daily.

“Cash Intellect's style is conversational in nature and its readers are encouraged to participate in the conversation by offering comments and feedback regarding the articles and content that we publish.”

About eBolt Group

eBolt Group Inc is a rapidly growing online publisher of business information and news, and is headquartered in Toronto, ON Canada, led by a team of seasoned business executives with many years of Financial Services and business management experience, eBolt Group offers a drastic departure from traditional media publishing. Readers are encouraged to interact via comments and feedback, thereby not only learning from the content provided by eBolt, but sharing their valued experience to an ever-expanding community of integrated topics.


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, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Your Questions About Blogging Sites

James asks…

Blogging sites?

What are the best FREE blogging sites on the net for an aspiring writer?

admin answers:

Their is for picture blogging their is india timescom for blogging then their is the all so famous most preferred or blogspot powered by google for maintaining your e diary also then their is where u can blog all for free and then their is wordpress and many more even i have no knowledge of
u take care though

Michael asks…

blogging sites???????

what are some good blogging sites that are little known and easy to navigate????

admin answers:

If you want a social site with pictures and other services try —— multiply account

if you want an easy blog host try ————

Blog host with lots of templates, and other cool stuff

I use blogspot and wordpress for my under hosted blogs.!

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