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Your Questions About Blogging Sites

Maria asks…

What blogging sites allow posting of tables and charts?

I need a blogging site where I can put tables (like the ones in Microsoft Excel) and charts. Please help me. =(

admin answers:

Livejournal allows nearly all html formats. So, tables would definitely work.

David asks…

Could you suggest of any good blogging sites?

I am currently unemployed looking for an artistic job. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and painting and feel like once I've finished a piece, I'munsure of how to get them recognised. I have been told to make a blog and put them on there but I'm unsure of what blogging site would be best for me. I need your opinions 🙂 It would be really helpful.

admin answers:

I would strongly suggest using (free and not self-hosted) or (self-hosted and free but you need to purchase server space).

Since you are an artist and tying to get recognized, it might be better to own your own domain because it looks more professional. I've been blogging for about three years and might be able to answer any questions you have. If you do decide to buy a domain I would check out a post I wrote on my blog about blogging that lists everything you need to consider:

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Blogging For Money Sites

James asks…

How do Internet Sites Make Money from ads?

I know they get paid per click but how much money do they really make? I am not talking about big sites like yahoo and facebook, but smaller web sites for blogging, something like, or even porn websites. Is there a lot of money to be made from creating a website with a useful/creative purpose?

admin answers:

See if this helps

Jenny asks…

what are the other ways to earn money online except for PTC sites and blogging?

admin answers:

Just watch for scams – if anyone is asking you for upfront money -. Even if its only $20 –


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Your Questions About Blog For Business Owners

Carol asks…

I need help with PAYPAL?

ok i need help here i am trying to Make money from your Website or Blog – get paid for every click! but i dont know paypal is asking choose the type of account which one do i pick Business Owners, Casual Online Sellers or Online Shoppers?

admin answers:

Do casual online sellers.

Richard asks…

$20 for Creative Marketing…?

Would anybody be willing to pay $20 for a consultation for creative / cheap marketing for their business?

I am thinking about starting that type of business. My client would email me answers to a questionnaire with questions about their business and personality type, then I would come up with creative and inexpensive marketing techniques that they could try.

I would invoice through paypal, and additional services could be included (for an additional charge) like ad copy, website / blog copy, etc.

What do you think, and do you believe this would be something that small business owners would be interested in?

admin answers:

Yo Sis,

Unless this idea is “dark” I'd keep focus on IC.

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2011

After nearly two decades of producing and promoting songs by America?s up-and-coming songwriters, HillTop Records has successfully entered the music festival circuit. Two months into its First Annual Online Music Festival for Songwriters, the Hollywood-based record company has already announced?and awarded prize money to?two winners.

Joseph A. Data received The People?s Choice Award from HillTop Records for the month of June, for his song ?All the King?s Horses.? He won $ 250 and a certificate that he has proudly displayed in his studio. In a letter to HillTop Records, Data called the award ?one of the greatest accomplishments of [his] musical career.? The same award went to Steve Euto-Mullis for his song ?The Master of the Sky? for the month of July. Both of these songs won by accumulating the most ?like? votes from festival-goers during their respective months.

All up-and-coming songwriters who own the copyright to their original songs (words and music) may upload them on MP3 files directly to the Music Festival?s official website free of charge. Once uploaded, these songs are instantly eligible to win cash prizes and recognition. Songwriters are encouraged to advertise their participation in the competition by linking their Festival songs to social networking sites. At the same time, fans and music industry professionals can browse songs by genre for free to discover new music and vote for their favorites.

It is still not too late to enter to win the contest. Top music prizes, including The People?s Choice Award worth $ 500, are still up for grabs. After the Festival ends on August 31, a panel of award-winning judges will determine the winners of The Best of Genre Award (in the categories of Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, and Urban/R&B) each worth $ 250, The Grand Prize Award of $ 1000, and The HillTop Award, whose winner will receive a professionally produced CD (worth approximately $ 2,400) arranged and recorded by HillTop Records? musicians. These winners will be announced on Labor Day.

HillTop Records is constantly on the lookout for new avenues for songwriters. The company maintains a strong online presence, and songwriters under contract often benefit from having a Unique Songwriter Page that can be used for promotional purposes. Euto-Mullis called HillTop ?the label that records America?s songs and the company that truly is all about the songwriter.?

To find out more about HillTop Records? services, including how to win cash prizes, visit or You can also follow on Twitter @HillTopRecords, or catch up on the latest music industry news on HillTop Records? official blog.


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Your Questions About Blogging Websites

Chris asks…

Does anybody know any legit free blogging websites that pay?

I don't know how to tell which blogging sites are legit and which ones aren't. Can somebody tell me how to know which blogging sites are legit and which ones aren't? I need somebody to tell me of any blogging sites that they know of that are legit and free to sign up with and that pay you.

admin answers: pays but they only share revenu they make – can take ages to ean but its something.

Sandra asks…

Are there any good plant blogging websites out there?

I have recently developed an interest in growing flowers/plants and would like to start blogging and getting advice from others with this same interest. Does anyone know of any good ones?

admin answers:
They're on twitter too!

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