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Nancy asks…

How would I go about creating a website to earn some extra money? Where do I start & how?

I am currently out of work due to a temporary disability and I am interested in learning how I could make some extra money with creating a website. I know there are ways that I could post ad's for company's and get paid per click, which I know is not much. What I need to know is how do I go about finding company's to advertise for? Where would I go to create the site? How much web pages would I need for a basic site that could possibly bring in some small revenue? I am not looking for a Get Rich Overnight thing because I know it's not possible, but I do know that whether it's through blogging, advertisements, information, etc. that there are ways to make some money with a website.

All I need to know is where to go to get started? Where can I find more information about this area? What are some Do's or Don't ?

Thanks for your help

admin answers:

The answer is yes you can make money without a website. If you can get free targeted traffic to a product, that you can promote for free from an affiliate network such as Clickbank, then you can make an income.

The question is how to get this traffic and where? There are many ways you can do this. One way is through blogging, article marketing; such as creating articles and submitting them to directories, or you can market using forums.

One way I recommend is marketing through forums, it is free and targeted traffic. For example, if you want to market products on Pregnancy…well you can go and sign up for Pregnancy forums where thousands if not millions of people are discussing and looking up information on pregnancy will be located. Then you can post informative articles or participate in discussions, and all the meanwhile have your pregnancy product promoted indirectly through what is called a forum signature, that can be setup through your user control panel. If you can do this on many forums, then you can generate an income, such as myself.

Here's a link that can help direct you in what I am referring to:

Ken asks…

Blog Earners, I need help!?

I'm trying to start making money online via blogging. I'm not much of words even if I may have a knack for writing, but I do love reading and watching tv and movies. Cafes and bookstores are my playground.

I would like to share my views on what I read and watch each day, then advertise and endorse materials related to it at the same time. Example; I'll talk about what I think about “Confessions of a Shopaholic” then link boxed ads about its books and movie stuff. Is that possible? How can that happen?

I know this takes patience. I'm not expecting to earn thousands as quick as the early months. A trail of $5-$20 a month for the first 6-8 months, then the hundreds can start 6-8th, thousands can happen after a year perhaps. I'm ready to accept it's slow pace. Though I'm ready to invest time and attention on this. I don't have much money but I do have abundant net access. Does my plan sound realistic?

Help please. I need guidance. Your advice matters.

admin answers:

Google has a program for placing context ads into people's pages:
You get paid everytime somebody clicks the ad.

Being so small, you will not be able to negotiate prices or directly talk to people who own Shopaholic. You'd need millions of visitors to do that.

I do not think anybody is making money off the blog itself, but you can use it to get yourself a journalism job.

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Sandra asks…

What are some good blogging sites to get where you get paid for blogging?

i wanna blog and get paid. what are some good sites for that?

admin answers:

Im 14 and i was wanting to make money too, so what i did was i made a blog at, then made an adsense account at and set it up on to the blog i made, and it will take about 1-2 business days, and they will get back to you after reviewing your blog site, to make sure it is ok for it, (it will be!) and they will email you a code to copy into the website html code, and every time somebody clicks on an ad, money gets added to your adsense account, and they pay you with a check at the end of the month, they send it through the mail., will you talk to me on aim, i will tell you more on my good ways of getting you money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my aim name is dylan81893, bye!!!

Paul asks…

What are some good blogging sites?

I use to have a Xanga account years ago. I took a couple years off from the blogging, and wish to return. What are your suggestions for good blogging sites.

Please name the site and why you like better than other ones.

admin answers:, I like the website because its simple and I like how you can personalize it. I used to also have Xanga years ago and I realized that I like livejournal better.

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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 02, 2011

eEye Digital Security, a provider of IT security and unified vulnerability management solutions, today announced that the Company closed its most recent quarter with a 70% increase in new business revenue over the same period in 2010, resulting in its best first half in a decade.

Throughout 2011, eEye has committed to investing in Research and Development, with a focus on expanding the market leadership of its award-winning Retina vulnerability management solution suite. In this regard, the Company increased Research and Development investment by approximately 280% in the last two years. Even with these investments, the Company has remained operationally cash flow positive.

?We continue to see the IT security market responding very positively to the technology advancements we?ve offered thus far in 2011,? said Kevin Hickey, CEO, eEye. ?In particular, the strong increase in new business revenue points to the fact that our solutions are meeting the complex needs of enterprises facing unprecedented challenges in vulnerability and compliance management. Also, the fact that we?ve been able to make crucial R&D investments, while maintaining the highest level of profitability in the company?s history, is a testament to the continued strength of our business. ?

A key milestone of eEye?s recent quarter was the release of Retina Community, a free vulnerability scanner that identifies vulnerabilities (including zero-day flaws), configuration issues, and missing patches across operating systems, applications, devices, and virtual environments. The tool has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of IT security professionals since April 2011.

Building on this strategy, the Company will soon release a free version of its Retina CS management console, which will offer automated, centralized application patching for Microsoft applications, Mozilla/Firefox, and Adobe?s Distiller, Elements, Reader, Flash, and Shockwave. This will be the first time that the IT security industry has seen such a robust combination of vulnerability scanning and remediation provided as a free, community offering.

Additionally, the company continues to grow and is actively hiring across all organizations. Get more information about eEye careers.

About eEye Digital Security

Since 1998, eEye Digital Security has made vulnerability and compliance management simpler and more efficient by providing the only unified solution that integrates assessment, mitigation, protection, and reporting into a complete offering with optional add-on modules for configuration compliance, regulatory reporting, and integrated patch management. eEye?s world-renowned research and development team is consistently the first to uncover critical vulnerabilities, prevent their exploit, and build new protections into our solutions. Thousands of mid-to-large-size private-sector and government organizations, including the two largest vulnerability management installations in the world, rely on eEye to protect against the latest known and zero-day vulnerabilities. More at

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William asks…

Is Facebook at the center of your online experience?

For me myself the answer is an emphatic no.
I have an account with like 25 friends. Ignore requests from the people I did not like in HS.
Play 0 games there, & upload nothing but a few basic pictures there.
Sign in nowhere online with my Facebook account except Facebook.
I mean why the hell do I want anyone to know what I am doing when i am online?
It is none of their business.
What I say at a site about politics, or cooking, or winning high score on a stupid video game.
Why do I want people to know this?
I don't.. It's not important & none of their business unless I share it with them.
If I do I can create a blog as fast as a flash & share a simple link.

I especially don't want anyone business related to know anything.
People are evil-spirited & self-centered by nature & will use any edge to make you look bad so that
they will prosper.
On top of this I am just donating my time & clicks as revenue for a stupid facebook referrer.
I would rather support a site that needs the hits & clicks & not Facebook

There are 3 big reasons for me NOT to have FB at the center of my online experience.

1. Security.

No Thanks for this

Or This

2. The internet is for exploration isn't it?
This is dumbed down by just sitting on a facebook page & doing everything from that page.

3. What Facebook does offer are just weak imitations of what is better.

Linkedin for real social contacts that can actually matter.
I mean just about any photo sharing site… Smugmug, Flickr, Webshots from the top of my head.
About 20-30 gaming communities, with everything from flash games & casual games to full blown
mmorpg communities.

If I really want to know how my real friends are doing I pick up a phone.
Facebook is GOOD for one thing only.
Finding people from the past that you want to find.
That about ends any of the usefulness of it for me.

admin answers:

I don't like facebook at all. The social experience was okay, but I didn't like when others were adding people they didn't know and judging them by their pictures, without really knowing who they were.
Furthermore, it would also depress me to see others posting about how great their weekends were and what they were planning on doing for the day.

Facebook stems a lot of drama, so it's better to have facebook friends that you actually know and talk to, rather than just anybody. A facebook friend doesn't mean a real friend. I also don't like that automatically people want to facebook each other. I don't use it anymore and it has really been a big relief. But that is just me, I can't speak for others.

Daniel asks…

How do I promote my humorous blog?

I've recently started writing a blog at How should I try to promote my blog, what are specific ways I can do this? I'd like to get many followers and high traffic so in a few years I might be able to get them published as a collection… hopefully if my blog gets popular enough.

I live in Austin and I've thought about dressing myself up as a giant hot-dog bun to promote my blog. It shouldn't be illegal for me to parade down sixth street as a hot-dog and hand out flyers and personal business cards to promote my blog… right?

Thanks for any help! Go read my blog, read the warning at the top if you're at all conservative!!!
And I know its a pain to create a profile, but it'd be great if I could get some more followers as well!


admin answers:

Your all ready doing well, go onto websites like this. Facebook etc. And heaps of people will see this. Write something like HUMOROUS BLOG or whatever and include the name and information about it. Write everywhere you can and your already half way there.

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Susan asks…

Crazy Nanny after firing her?

So I had this nanny/babysitter.. well, she was a babysitter, but insisted on being called a nanny because it sounded more “posh”.. She is the girlfriend of my husband's childhood friend, which is why I hired her. She needed money because her bf would not move in with her if she wasn't working.. and she said I could pay her less than I paid the daycare my kids were going to, which was not a whole lot anyway. So I paid her $10/day less than the daycare was paid. I went over the house rules, requested notes be made/left especially because we were potty training the 2 year old (I have a 6 year old and 2 year old). The one thing I told her is my “peeve” is to come home to a house that is not houw I left it : Clean, especially the dishes. I said “I need the kid's dishes done throughout the day so I can come home and immediately start dinner” and she says “ok, no problem”.. Well,each day I get home and the sink is full. I get “oh, I lost track of time” or “oh, I forgot” or something like that. Aside from that, she told my 6 year old it was often “too late for breakfast” and refused to feed him cereal and she spent her days blogging and updating her facebook using our internet, when I told her that no internet is to be used in the house. When my son told me she was on the computer while he and the 2 year old were in the wading pool outback.. I immediately called her. No answer. So, I texted her and told her she is fired but I would let her come in the next day because it was the last day of her workweek. I even was stupid enuogh to lie about why I fired her, telling her that I had found another sitter, my sister in law, who would watch the boys for free..Her last week there I had the dish issue, plus there were crushed Goldfish crackers all over my carpet.. her remedy was to get the “vacuum” and when I said “that's not the vacuum, it's the carpet cleaner” she says “oh.. well you can see I'm not very domesticated, haha”. I said “forget it” and vacummed it myself after she left. Then, I went into my kid's bathroom and found on the counter cut hair-later found out was her's) and scissors! Where my kids can get to them! She had left her phone at my house and came back and I said “did you cut your hair in the bathroom?!” and she goes “yea”.. and walked away. I went to facebook about the cut hair and how appalled I was, and when I texted her today, a week later, about getting my house key and kid's carseat (we've used the one in my husband's car!) I get “I am not going out of my way after your snarky comments on facebook, you can come to _(Address)_ at 3pm and I will be here for twenty minutes”. Well… No, I was not going to let her dicatate to me when I could retrieve MY property, so I told my husband what was going on and he called her and she repeatedly hung up on him. He called her boyfriend and he said “they agreed to meet” and I said “no, she dicatated, but you know what, I will meet there just to get it over with”. Well, I texted her about 10 minutes later saying “Leave my s**t outside and I will get it so we dont have to talk”.. not more than 5 minutes later an officer calls my phone and tells me we are to have no contact and to meet at the police department (in my city, not her's thankfully) for me to get my stuff.
I thought I was nice, and maybe I was too nice because I hired a “friend” and didnt want to tell her how much she sucked, but has this happened to anyone else? You fire the person in a nice a way as possible and she/he goes crazy afterwards? Oh, ps, she called the cops because she felt “threatened” by me… She is seriously a size 28 and I am a size 12 Pregnant woman… I don't get the threat?

admin answers:

Yeah she's crazy but in this case i think you are to blame for the whole cop calling issue. She agreed to meet you somewhere, if you wanted your stuff you should have went to get it. Simple as that. But no, you were trying to play games and wanted to be the ‘winner' so look what you got…

Betty asks…

Well ya'll Auburn has replaced Ole Miss for Reality TV show. Do you agree this was a smart choice?

Apparently, Houston Nutt has come to his senses about the reality TV show that would have covered every move of the Ole Miss Rebels this season. Instead, Ole Miss pulled out of the venture and Auburn will step in. Veteran Southeastern Conference writer Ray Melick, blogging for the Birmingham News, has a report on it, as well as an excellent theory on why Ole Miss decided not to do it: “Every Day” w as originally supposed to follow the Ole Miss football team. But as it got closer to the season Rebels' head coach Houston Nutt decided maybe letting the world see what goes on inside the program every week — even if it is a highly sanitized version, approved by the administration and coaching staff — wasn't such a good idea.There are high expectations for the Ole Miss program this year. The Rebels are generally considered a top 10 team and expected to contend for the Southeastern Conference title, at the least. If for any reason the season does not go as expected, if Nutt's team underperforms, then not only would there be a very visible record of what goes wrong but fans would undoubtedly point to the presence of TV cameras all over the complex as a major distraction. Auburn has no such expectations. The goal, according to Athletics Director Jay Jacobs, is to “strengthen the brand of Auburn football” which makes it sound more like we'll be seeing an infomercial for “ShamWow”‘ or “Veg-O-Matic” than an episode of “Cops.” The Aug. 24 edition of included a report in its SEC section about Nutt's plans for the reality show, and this recent change came after the issue had gone to press.

I was looking forward to the show for people to see what our Rebels are really all about and to see that were not stuck up snobs from the South. But, I do believe with everything that is going on with Reality TV and all the hype Ole Miss is getting right now that Coach Nutt made an awesome choice. And trust me Ole Miss does not believe were on top of the world and these boys are not big headed. I go to church with Houston Nutt and he is very level headed and every single one of his players are also at Church with him every Sunday.

admin answers:

It was a good move on Nutt's part. While the exposure would've been nice I don't think it would be a big deal. I'm not sure that many people really would've watched it. Besides, do you really want someone coming to your school just because they saw you on a TV show? The cameras would definitely be a distraction.

Auburn is in a hole right now and doesn't have much to lose by taking a chance like this, so while I don't think it's really a smart move on their part it's not a gamble either.

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