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Your Questions About Blogging Tips

Robert asks…

any money earning blogging tips ? ?

what are the highest paying keyworks for adsense … or what are the best affiliate programs ? thanks

admin answers:

See a Web Site Made Specially to earn money at home
No Bogus PTC Sites
original Ideas
Check at

Lizzie asks…

Any blogging tips????

admin answers:


1.Blog for passion and not for money
2.Write for your readers and not for search engines
3.Sell your skills not your soul

Thats all from me..

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Your Questions About How To Blog For Business

Donald asks…

are there sites where I can post my blog to get the most exposure?

I asked a few questions about how i can advertise my business. I was told to create a blog. I did just that here so now what? Where can i post my blog address so I can get the most exposure? how can I reach out to 1000's of people who are interested in working from home, or earning a little extra cash, for free please.

admin answers:

You'll need to do two things – social bookmark your blog and get some half decent backlinks to it. Can take time but is well worth the while if you persist.

Backlinks can be done by writing articles and submitting them to article directories (ezinearticles is the best) or post your URL via forum marketing (like I do with my URL on this forum)

Social Bookmarking – Sign up for Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, delicious, Google etc etc and SB your Blog.

If your blog is liked, then you will get others to visit your blog and they will hopefully link your site to theirs. Traffic will flow.

Hope this helps

Helen asks…

i want to provide blog to my customer for sharing personal/business/many more. how? where can i buy blog softw

for example: i mean that what is blog? how can i buy of its software. it is as web hosting.

admin answers:


A blog is an online journal. It is a frequently updated website featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles or other web sites.

You wrote that you want to provide blog to your customer so I assume that you want to make your business' blog.

For business' blog, I recommend you to use professional web hosting company to host your blog. Why? Because you have full control of your blog and you actually own your blog.

If you use free blog hosting, you'll risk the your blog being shut down or banned if you accidentally violates your free blog hosting's term of service (TOS).

Many paid web hosting companies offer blog service so you don't need to buy any blog's software.

I recommend you to host your blog at (I also host my blog there). Once you register your domain name and your web hosting account there, you can easily create your blog in several mouse clicks (It's easy because it offers step-by-step wizard).

If you need more detail information, I have free eBook on how start a small business' blog at

Feel free to download it.



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Your Questions About Blogging Software

Robert asks…

What is the best free blogging software? (Things similar to WordPress)?

I've been using WordPress for quite a while, and I'm happy with it, but I'm looking for something a bit different.
I've searched google, and looked at lots of different things already, but I haven't found anything that I like and that has everything I need too.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend anything?

admin answers:

I recently switched from Serendipity to WordPress but you can find a list of free blogs at and you can also log in to them to see what they are like.

Ruth asks…

Anyone know about the site CONCRETELOOP.COM? What is there blogging software?

Can anyone tell what blogging software CONCRETE LOOP runs on? Is there someway to tell? I love how they got it set up!

Thanks, Sir.

admin answers:


That website uses the software I can tell this from viewing their HTML also it says in their about us page:

Although the design of the WPBlog was created by Matt Brett:

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Ruth asks…

Setting up a web design business?

Ok I heard that people will pay to set up a myspace,face book, and bloggs for them.
I was wondering whould i have to set up web page or make a blog for it
and how much should i charge
and I can do anything to your webpage i've done classes on making them and ive done it for friends using varrious web sites

admin answers:

Charge per hour of work regardless what you do. Basically because you are supplying a service, not a product. Depends on how tech you go about things. Why don't you post your work. Like to see it. Of course people pay for myspace, facebook, and blog customization. Actually lots of indie bands use their url domain to redirect to their myspace account which they customize today because its a social network and has lots of webtraffic with easy updates. Its funny when people say I am going to start a myspace, do you really know how long it took myspace to get where they are. They were lucky because they worked at a similar company before and used the webtraffic they already had. It could have taken 5 years to get there.

Paul asks…

I want to learn about cameras and lenses?

I like photography, I captured some beautiful frames by my mobile camera. Now I am thinking to learn photography and sell my photos by my blog. But here a problem that I never have idea about cameras and lenses. where from can I study deeply about these? I think I must become a professional before start my business.
1. Is this business is possible, and how can I begin?
2. Which camera used for stock photos?
3. Please help me to learn about cameras and purpose of different type of lenses

admin answers:

Here comes an in depth answer….
1) sure it's possible, like any buisness. It's hard, but if you've got the skills, you can make it.
2)probably a higher end DSLR.
3here we go…
Note that this all assumes you're looking at a DSLR, if you're serious, thats what you need to be looking at.
DSLR- starting at around £300 new, you want one(or a Digital system if you're seroious). I would suggest a higher end one if you're making a go of it, i'll suggest some later.
ISO-the sensitivity of the camera's sensor to light. The higher it is, the less light you need, but the more noise you will have. It's better to invest in a good low light lens and not go above ISO 1600. Use 100 wherever possible.
APERATURE – basically the hole that lets light into the lens, the wider it is(designated by lower f numbers – ie. F/1.7 is wider than f/4), the more light enters the lens.So why would i want to close it, i hear you ask? Reason 1- a wide aperature will give you a short depth of field, meaning only a small are will be in focus. This is ideal for portraits and macro, but undesirable in landscapes. 2-you're photos may not be as sharp at the widest aperature, closing it a little should fix this, 3-if you use a slow shutter speed, ie. To blur motion, you're picture may become over exposed(to bright- too much light has gotten to the sensor). To fix this, close you're aperature up a bit to let less light in.
SHUTTER SPEED-the amount of time the sensor is exposed.long exposures are good for blurred motion, or if you're shooting in low light with a lens with a small max aperature(longer shutter speed=more light to make the photo).be wary that you will have to use a tripod and either a shutter release or the self timer, because otherwise the motion of you're breathing, hands shaking, and pressing the shutter release, will make your photo blurred .faster exposures are good for freezing motion, i.e a bird flying, a person on a bike. To counteract the loss of light, use a higher ISO and a wide aperature.
Autofocus-the camera chooses what to focus on by itself.
Manual focus-turn a ring on the lens to focus.
Stabilisation. Counteracts movements in your hands, meaning you can use slower shutter speeds without a tripod. Two types, in body, and in lens. The advantage of in lens, is you can see the results through the viewfinder,wheras in body you only see in the final body is cheaper in the long run however as you wont be paying twice as much for stabilised lenses(and believe me, when you're shooting and 300m), you'll want IS.
Crop factor. Film and full frame(biggest sensor) cameras have no crop factor.
With APS-C (used in most ordinary DSLR's), has a crop factor of 1.5x this basically has the effect of turning a 50mm lens into a 75mm, a 300mm into a 450mm etc. Good for telephoto, bad fo wide angle.
Some sensors(namely micro 4 thirds, used in most digital systems) have a 2x crop factor(turns a 50mm into a 100mm)
PRIMES- primes come in all shapes and sizes, basically they're lenses that dont zoom (it's called walking further away). They have better sharpness, image quality, low light performance, durability, and prices than zooms.
ZOOMS. You know what these are. More convenient. A word of warning, avoid “all rounders”(ie.28-250)
you're sacrificing image quality at a major level for that kind of convenience.
FISHEYE-very wide angle lens( i.e. 8mm) distorts you're pictures. Can be cool, not really worth it.
WIDE ANGLE-i.e. 20mm, good for landscapes, it shows a wider field of view then the human eye, which is equivalent to around 50mm
50mm- decent for portraits, cheap, very good low light(aperatures often around f/1.4).you really should get one at some point.
WALKABOUT again, fairly essential. Your kit lens will do (usually 18-75 or 18-55), but a 28-135 or something along those lines is more convenient, without losing image quality.
TELEPHOTO- basically, long ranged. Be careful of some lower end ones as the quality can be a bit dire over 200mm.(70-300mm is a nice length, or 100-300)
MACRO. (usually 50mm or 100mm, or there abouts) can focus on things that are very close to the camera and are very small. Not so necessary for flowers and such, because most zooms have a “macro button built in” but if you want to do insects and stuff, you need a dedicated Macro.
A good site for reviews is sony, check out dyxum.
Now, onto which camera to get. At the entry level, things are pretty much even, so look at the future possibilities for upgrading, and lenses available, and TRY THEM OUT!!. In a store, see what feels comfortable, how easy and intuitive it is to get at settings.
To look at: canon 1000d, nikon d3000, sony a290/a230/a330/a380,pentax K-x.
Mid-range, there is more choice, but all maufacturers have good offerings so dont obsess.
To look at canon 500d, 550d, etc., nikon d5000, sony a550.
At the high end Canon probably edges ahead.

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