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Your Questions About Blog For Business Owners

Susan asks…

Why would Joe the ‘Planted' Plumber vote for McCain, if he is worried about paying higher taxes?

From the article:
How, you ask, would each of candidates change Wurzelbacher's tax bill if elected president? According a recent study by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Institute–which broke down Obama's and McCain's proposed tax plans by income bracket–Joe the Plumber (the guy making, say, $50,000 a year) would see his taxes slashed by $319 under McCain and $1,042 under Obama. That's a $723 difference. Meanwhile, Joe the Small-Business Owner (the guy making $100,000 a year) would pay $1,009 less under McCain and $1,290 less under Obama, for a difference of $181.

This presents us with an interesting–and illustrative–case study. Whether or not Wurzelbacher buys his business, he's guaranteeed to get a larger tax cut from Obama than McCain–and yet he still prefers McCain's plan to Obama's. Ultimately, then, we end up with two potential voting blocs. First there are the people who earn less than $250,000 and want the largest possible tax cut for themselves–a group that doesn't include Joe the Plumber OR Joe the Small-Business Owner. Then there are the people–like Joe–who earn less than $250,000 a year, but are willing to turn down the bigger tax cut for one of three reasons. Some are trickle-down/free-market adherents who believe that larger tax cuts for those richer than themselves will best serve the economy. Others simply don't trust Obama to keep his word. And then there are those who identify with the wealthy, believe they're bound strike it rich someday and don't want to pay higher taxes when they do.

Or is Joe the ‘Planted' Plumber just another GOP drone whose brain is only there to keep his ears apart?
A Fox News/Limbaugh junkie?

admin answers:

There are many people in this election that have no clue what the facts are, and will chose who to vote for based off of “fear tactics” used by either side.
They will then complain when things don't go the way they expected things to, and blame the other side for their supposed misfortune. (notice how many people on this board are still blaming Clinton?).

People with a brain will look at the issues, check the facts, and chose accordingly. As you quoted, it's clear that the Obama tax plan will benefit the middle class much more than the McCain plan will, but many people will listen to the “Obama wants to tax you to death! He'll take your money and give it to people who don't work” drivel.

Oh.. And BTW.. That site quotes from republican blogs and wikipedia.. Yeah.. Excellent source of information, try getting that by a teacher or college professor as a viable source.

Joseph asks…

What phrase should be used for the winter holiday(s): “Happy Holidays”, “Merry Christmas”, or what?

From what I've seen, the phrase to use is “Happy Holidays” in circumstances where you're speaking to a possibly religiously diverse group of people (including atheists and agnostics) when representing a diverse group of people, such as a news reporter of business owner. The exception would be when you're speaking on your behalf, as Christians would then say “Merry Christmas” and Jewish people would then say “Happy Hanukkah” (for example).

Reading this blog gave me a strong opinion about this, but I am still open-minded as always:

What is your opinion? If you believe any specific phrase should always be used, please explain why.

admin answers:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years. The reason for the season is Jesus Christ and that is the way it should stay. Before 1962,when prayer was taken out of school, there was no political correctness and people said Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We have always been a Christian nation and there was never any confusion before.

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Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) December 09, 2011

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In court, successfully defended against a motion for preliminary injunction in the case brought by AFL. The federal court denied AFL?s request for a preliminary injunction which would have prevented from importing or selling new and possibly used Fujikura fusion splicers and other products.

In their complaint, AFL alleges that in 2009 sold one Fujikura model FSM-60s fusion splicer which was modified. AFL additionally asserts they are the only authorized Fujikura distributor in North America and complains of gray-market sales of Fujikura fusion splicers by and others. denied altering this or any fusion splicer, in court documents. Daniel Parsons, CEO and founder of, states ?It is important to remember that a grey-market can exist only when price disparity is excessive. As details in this case are divulged it should be interesting to see the effect on sales of the Fujikura FSM-60s and possibly other models as well?.

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Your Questions About Blogging Websites

Laura asks…

What are some great blogging websites?

What are some great blogging sites where you can add video and pictures to your blogs.

admin answers:

blogr is a web service that provides you space to store and share your photos, videos, audios and blog-entries in just a few clicks.

With Ipernity you can:- Publish whatever you like : blog, photos, videos, audios- Customize your own Ipernity page (like at Myspace)- Share what you want with people who matter to you or with the whole world- Create a powerful page with only the stuff that matters to you
Fraced is a user centric location based social network. Fraced allows you to find friends globally, create a map of your friends network, keep your own blogs, share photos and much more.

Viddyou offers the opportunity to take the online interaction experience to a new and more personal level. Viddyou users can create a personal network of video blogs (“vidds”) centered around real-world friends and similar interests. After completing a quick registration process, users can post their own vidds as well as watch and reply to those of their friends. .

Quickly and easily enhance your profiles and blogs. With Moonk you can create a slideshow from your favorite pictures; a videoshow from your best videos; and a jukebox from your greatest music hits. These players can then be integrated into pages like MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Yahoo360, and Blogger or used for your own personal website.

Thomas asks…

Is there any blogging websites where one can place adsense, bitvertiser and widget bucks?

is there any good blogging websites that can publish ads from google, bitvertiser, and widgetbucks
can i place all the three mentioned in one blog

admin answers:

It is against Google Adsense rules to post other advertisers with them, so most likely your account will be disabled shortly after you set this up.

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Your Questions About Blogging The Boys

Robert asks…

Can you please help me with my friend?

ok so online, my friend lets call her um… pink and the boy blue. so pink met blue on blog tv (its like a site for blogging but its like webcam) and pink thought blue was hot, so they talked, and like… what not. and they began 2 “date” (online btw) and they dont even know eachother. i dont trust blue. when i was keeping things from pink she got mad and demanded i told her. and when she did she got mad cuz i was honest. shes really really sensative. she wont listen to any1. i mean like… they only r dating eachother cuz blue thinks pinks hot& pink thinks blues hot. i dont want 2 b like pushy but like.. shes not being like…smart about itt. thenn pink found out that blue was bisexual and she got mad. (btw pinks mom got mad and took her laptop&&phone away cuz she was obbsesing over him like a while ago) i really really really dont want her 2 get hurt… but she wont listen 2 any1.

how do i knock some sence into her, without hurting her feelings?

admin answers:

You need to talk to her and her explain her of all the things that can go wrong by doing these things online and just telling her stories of people that got killed because of having an affair and their real bf or gf finding out etc. Sounds a bit extreme but by scaring her maybe she will realise that it's not good what she's doing and she might be more aware and maybe even stop and just date in rl life instead of online.

Good luck hope you can help your friend out and point her in the right direction 🙂

Betty asks…

Survey for girls only!!?

1. Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms?
2. Twizzlers or Swedish Fish?
3. Blogging– love it or hate it?
4. Favorite number?
5. What color bra are you wearing right now?
6. Thongs or boy shorts?
7. Age when you started your period?
8. Age when you learned about the birds and the bees?
9. The color red- what does it symbolize?
10. Rate this survey!! 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Answer closest to mine gets best answer. have funn.

admin answers:

1. Lucky Charms
2. Twizzlers
3. Love it.
4. 5
5. White
6. Boy Shorts
7. 12
8. 11
9. Danger
10. 10! Of course…

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Your Questions About Blog For Business Owners

Mandy asks…

Anyone heard of Michael Prozer? Rich, or not?

I saw this guy, Michael Prozer on Millionaire Matchmaker, and he claims to be worth 100 millions as an internet business owner, and owns and has a profile there, but I read on a blog, his companies are not as big as he claims. Also, I heard Brande Roderick owns it. The reason I was wondering is because I need an investor for my own company.

admin answers:

Yeah, I've heard that he's huuge!

Ruth asks…

Really Long: Why are people so discrimatory towards others based on their pre-concieved notions of normalcy?

I read an article online today and an individuals personal blog pertaining to people who are fat. The article posted a comment by a business owner who stated he would refuse to hire all fat people forever if he could get away with it like he did with all smokers. The personal blog I read later, blasted and insulted fat people about 50 times over with in a single paragraph. I want to know, what is happening to our country and it's people? I'm noticing a horrendous trend that I thought we outgrew a long time ago but obviously haven't: Discrimination, Hatred, and Intolerance.

It seems that society as whole has turned to hating multiple groups of people for reasons beyond logic and understanding. It seems that it is rampant everywhere today. Discrimation against races, against men, women, sexuality (of many various types), various religions, obesity, smokers, disabled people, the homeless, the poor (anyone in govt or state insurance/financial aid assistance programs), the mentally impaired, the psychologically impaired, adult virgins, people with less than a college degree, people without a high school diploma or who were home-schooled, etc…

All these types and more are insulted, belittled, degraded, backed into corners, forced to give up everyday common rights, and discrimated against everyday for wrongful reasons. I hear it, see it, read it, and watch it daily. It's everywhere and against everyone who does't fit into a designed notion of normality. Half the time, it goes on behind their backs, but still they suffer for it because they lose out on getting whatever it is that they are trying to gain but are declined for discrimatory reasons instead of logical reasons. The other half of the time, it's in their face, making it hard for them psychologically to keep going on and giving them every reason to give up on life. Almost forcing them to give up on life period.

So, what possesses individuals today into believing that they are superior to anyone and everyone else to the point where they are insulting and rude to anyone who does not fit their guidelines of normalcy? Do they think they are gods or goddesses, kings/queens, the president? What??? What makes people today to believe that they are experts in what should be considered normal and what is not? What gives them that right to judge others and decide their fates for them? Why is hate, discrimination and intolerance still so widely accepted today?

admin answers:

Have you not heard of summarising

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