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Your Questions About Blogging For Books

Susan asks…

Best place for blogging & networking for author?

One of my clients is an author who is looking to promote her book online.

I am trying to find the best free place for her to have a blog, something like MySpace, but for people above 50 and/or authors. A place where people are interested in reading each others blogs, and where it is quite easy to make friends.

Any ideas?

admin answers:


That's what alot of people are doing and they seem to be getting some attention on google

good luck

Lizzie asks…

blogging: it's my first time. am I making sense so far?

Diversity: what is your definition of diversity? What does it mean to you?
My point of view for diversity is all the different variety of groups coming together and accepting the differences in each other. However, racism and stereotypes are still big in this world, which amazes me when you think of how far we've advanced technology wise. Racism is even rampant in the United States; a country based on equality. But can equality and racism coexist? As americans, we have the freedom to speak our minds and express our opinions. That includes the freedom to believe certain groups are inferior to other. The freedom to dislike certain groups based on stereotypes. And the freedom to speak of these opinions and pass it on to others.

This is still a rough draft. I already see places I want to fix while I was typing it out but please give me your thoughts and opinions so far. please, don't be unnecessarily cruel..

books and authors was the closest to blogging i could find. sorry =/
@Destiny: did I get yur name right? sorry, i didn't pay close attention =/
i know that but i'm wondering if i'm making any sense. if i'm making it flow right. get it?
I dunno what try hard-y means?
oh. well i'm kinda winging it so i dunno why it sounds like that? i'm not trying hard at all.. =/
ok thanks! =] I was wonderin how to fix it.

admin answers:

I like it. 🙂

I possible suggestion I would make is ending this little piece with a stronger clincher sentence. Since right now your last sentence isn't really an end to the paragraph. I would suggest like a last sentence that brings your piece to a sort of higher level. For instance, “Since we are all allotted these freedoms is equality really a reality or merely just a theory.” That was just an idea, but like end with something like that.
Also, you might want more of a transition sentence between the first sentence (“My point of view…”) and the second sentence (“However, racism…”), since I feel like the topics being discussed switch a little too much you might want to add a sentence to connect these ideas, since right now the connections are more being inferred by the reader.

I really like your topic and your ideas and I hope that this was helpful 🙂

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Your Questions About Blogging For Money Sites

John asks…

What are some of the best blogging sites to get started on?

I'm not particularly looking for the money, but what is a good blog site that gets lots of views?

admin answers:

I don't think that the choice of site will have much effect increasing your views. Whether you choose wordpress or the blogger site does not get you any more visitors as far as I can tell.

The best way to do this is after you create your blog (on blogger for example). Make sure you also share/ping your blog entries on sites like,, technorati,

If your content is good, and you are listed and “out there”, people will come

Nancy asks…

What are some things I can do on the internet to make money.?

I am 15, with a job, but I need more money. So are there any EFFICIENT things I can do on the internet to make money, no scams or lame sites that lie. Also where and how can I start blogging for money? Thanks.

admin answers:

There are many ways to make money online. I offer you to try all of them. Follow the link and start learning how to start making money for free

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Your Questions About Best Blog For Business

Linda asks…

What is the best free hosting website?

I really need to make a good nice looking website (not a blog), for small business.
Please help me out and post as many free website hosting providers as possible!
Good ones…
10 points to the best answer!!!

admin answers:


Although I can understand why you would want a free host, it is important to look at the total package that comes with paying a host. Really a webhost is only as good as the customer service it offers. A great host should have 99% Network uptime, fast and reliable hardware, and 24X7 customer service availability. You should be able to call the Host 24 hours a day and speak to someone that can help. No matter who you are, you will want great customer service. I would look into They offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This way you are not tied down and still are free to go elsewhere.

Good Luck.
Sean Colicchio
Server Engineer
Host My Site

Paul asks…

Idea for home-based business?

What are the best home-based businesses that can be operated from anywhere in the world.I live in Pakistan.And i have been into sales and marketing for quite a long time. Please do visit my blog and give me some good ideas.

admin answers:

I would say something unique Pakistani goods, something every body use, not expensive but good quality and you have the soure of supply. I see Pakistani girls have beautiful skin, they must have use centuries old Pakistani's secret formula, but cheap because the ingredient are available locally and abundantly!
Try to produce these skin lotion in a proper way, packed it in a unique design Pakistani jar and try to market it! Hoping you are successful!!!

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Your Questions About Blogging The Boys

Nancy asks…

do you like my blog? Please only read if you are prepared to give sensible feedback?

Saturday was a special night. No pun intended. The specials were back for a 30 year anniversery tour. My dear sister got tickets and the 5 of us jumped in my mates dads mini bus and headed up to Newcastle. It was a strange group. Myself. My sister Joanna. My sisters ex husband Rob (current husband when the tickets were purchased late last year) my other sister Lucy and my girlfriend Susan.

I sat at the back of the bus with Susan, who is a very shy girl with low confidence. This would be the first time she was to socialise with my loud sisters who are even louder when together. I wondered what Susan thought of Jo and Lucy as they drunk Vodka like it was going out of fashion. Meanwhile Rob was sat alone to my left. He and Jo are obviously still on good terms, but i was concerned that he had lost so much weight in recent months and I wondered if he was still on the depression pills as he guzzled away cans of beer himself laughing a little too much at Jo's jokes.

I'm happy to say that when we arrived we were all in a jolly mood laughing and joking while freezing in the queue without a single jacket between us. Me Jo and Susan were sporting the full rude boy/girl outfit and we all had proper Dr Martins boots on to complete the look.

Just before they took stage we all squeezed right to the front and I was pretty nervous as the lights dimmed. Sure enough the crowd went completley mental as the curtain dropped! ‘Do the dog' was the opener. it was mayhem. we were getting crushed and pushed and covered in pints of christ knows what. I was trying to be protective over Susan. I don't think she had any idea of just how insane it was going to be. Big skinheaded blokes jumping into us and each other like wild gorillas! I was delighted to see Susan was giving it as good as she took it. She was pushing people over from behind and seemed to be enjoying the madness!

after a few songs we took a few steps back to cool down. we watched the remainder of the gig away from the mosh pit and had a few drinks while dancing at our own pace.

The final song was ‘your wondering'. Beautiful. you would need to hear the lyrics to understand why Rob was standing there with helpless tears running down his face. There was indeed a chance that this could be the last night out with the love of his life and the words in the song had a major impact on his drunken emotions. That's what i love about music though. It can sometimes connect to you so hard that it explains to you exactly what you are thinking, and then makes you realise that you are not the only one.

All in all and amazing gig. and a really special night.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please let me know if you enjoyed it or where you think I need to improve in my blogging skills.


admin answers:

I think this is a reasonable, if not particularly inspriring review. The main irritation with it is the poor punctuation: e.g. Missing apostrophes, incorrect capital letters (especially i for I ), mixing up full stops and commas. Nothing a bit of study or a grammar checker couldn't sort out, but as a blog is a public communication it is really worth getting it right if you wish to build up a regular readership.

Joseph asks…

Recap of 2007 In Hip Hop?

Nas and his highly-discussed Hip-hop is Dead, Cam'ron and his infamous “CURRRTIS!” line, Ghostface shedding tears– and discussing it, the death of Stack Bundles, 50 Cent losing to Kanye, and everything in between.

1. January 16th – Nas Goes Gold with Hip Hop is Dead — After Only 3 Weeks. Sure, Soulja Boy is finally gold after two whole months of massive BET/radio payola scandals and what have you, but despite the haters wishing HHID into oblivion, Nasir bagged 500,000 + off of one single which barely made any noise outside of the tri-state area. And then moved on to sell almost 800,000 copies in total. Now that's what you call a following. And not only that, but an entire year later, the SOHH Forums are still plagued with thread titles reading “HHID>>>>>>>God's Son,” “Vote: Worst track on HHID,” “How many units did Nas sell for HHID?” and so on and so forth. What's another way to say “get over it?” There isn't.

2. January 23rd – Tru Life Renames Lil Wayne “Weezy Goldberg” – Not only was Bush's effort to shut down freedom of speech via blogging discussed this go-round, but L.E.S rapper Tru Life gave Lil Whoopi Weezy another moniker that has been glued to him ever since.

3. February 2nd – Cam'ron and 50 Cent Battle it out Over the Phone. The following quote has been written into the book of Hip-Hop Classic history:

“Curtis! Curtis! How much did the Mobb sell Curtis!”

Nuff said.

4. April 6th – DMX Discredits West Coast Rap. But don't mind X, he was just a little high. We all know the West Coast deserves all the props they get; I still listen to The Chronic to this day. West Coast rap for right now? Not so sure. But DMX did give big ups to The Game, who is struggling to hold on to a career that came and went faster than getting brains from Superhead; no lie, he's dead ass driving a Honda Accord right about now… guess he didn't get far?

5. April 27th – FOUND! The Unfortunate Fall of Damon Dash. The streets were watching for Dame… and he refused to come out from hiding until the New York Post went digging around for him. They tried to make Dame look quite… broke, without making him look… broke. If you care, read on to understand. Then Dame reappeared with, where he got some sh*t off his chest that he knows he'd never say to Hov face-to-face {PEEP HERE}. But that's industry n*ggas for you, word.

6. May 9th – Ghostface Gets Touchy, Speaks Candidly About Crying… and he calls himself a “lonely old man.” Lmao. SMH. I'll just stay quiet on this one.

7. May 18th – Cam Stands by his Pool in his Boxers, Tells 50 Cent it's Gonna be a “Hot Summer.” Oh yes, it was a hot summer in New York City… without Cam present, of course.

8. June 12th- Freekey Zekey Releases Statement Pertaining to the Death of Stack Bundles. R.I.P to Far Rock's Stack, who passed away by the hands of a murderer Monday, June 11th. It's crazy how fast time goes. It's already been nearly 7 months.

9. July 11th – Remy Ma Commits “Blasphemy” with Flaming Mixtape Cover. And her new gimmick was “The BX Savior Shesus Khryst.” People discussed this cover art over lunch a few times that week. Word was flying that Kaos didn't want to do it. But he did.
**I Will Still Hit That**

10. July 12th – Hot 97's Miss Jones Says she's Releasing a Tell-All Book… that nobody bought BAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! This was never a hot topic (*snicker*) but I just wanted to point out that somewhere between Superhead and Nas' baby moms, we forgot to care. So consider this a “bonus entry” — that probably got more reads than her book. What was the name of it again? All I remember is that she released to the internet a very graphic passage containing her sexcapades with Busta Rhymes. It was quite nauseating, to say the least. But anything grueling is more enjoyable than looking at her muppet face and square-box body shape. BRRRRRRRRRRRR *shiver*. Now watch word get back to her and then she announce on Hot 97 that her book sold a million copies.

11. July 16th – Remy Ma Takes a Trip to Riker's Island for Shooting Friend. Right after that damn mixtape cover! Damn, Rem!

12. July 20th – 50 Says Jay-Z Won't Allow Kanye to Drop the Same Day as Him… and in the end, he played himself, hard body. By 300K, to be exact {PEEP HERE}. I would love to devote an entire blog on how pathetic Curtis is, but I'll move on to the next topic. I'll get back to that later.

13. August 16th – Racist Bill O'Reilly Attacks Nas. But it's all good. O'Reilly just wanted a little attention… and got it. pu*sy Azz Wigger!

14. September 20th – Papoose Dropped From Jive. Just like many of us already knew from the look of things. Kay Slay went on and on about how happy and relieved they were. I believe it. But … okay. We get it.

15. September 21st – Saigon and Prodigy “Bang it Out” at SOB's… and Saigon Runs. Lmao… a certain blogger here on SOHH, who doesn't know jack spit about hip-hop, was calling him Havoc. SMH. What an idiot.

16. October 16th – Nas Causes Mass Hysteria with Talks of New Album, N*gga. After this point, it went from N*gga to N*gger {PEEP HERE}. Nas caused so much commotion, the white news folks called on Allhiphop and SOHH to “discuss” the matter. Before you knew it, the so-called “leaders” of our time –or whatever they call themselves– even had something to say.

17. October 22nd – Prodigy Talks Jail Time. I already did what I had to do in this blog {PEEP HERE}, so I'll say no more.

18. – November 20th – Saigon “Quits” Rap. After cursing out a SOHH contributor on air — drunk, he breaks down at the sight of his name being thrown all over the net, tosses up a pissy Myspace blog, and then vanishes. Only to turn around and make a “come back” last week. (If that were only true about him quitting )

19. December 4th – Lil Kim Justifies Remy Ma “Beef.” This is the story of the little bit of buzz that Kim created… that has already since fizzled out. Go figure. I'm tired of her so I'll just move on now.

20. December 19th – Remy Claps Back at Lil Kim. Damn, does Remy dog Kim's plastic surgery!

Remy Ma Mixtape Cover.

admin answers:

Nice Post…

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2011

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Due to the high costs of overnight animal boarding and an increase in the number of pet-friendly hotels and travel destinations, more people will be bringing their pets along on their winter vacations than ever before. While traveling with pets can be a wonderful experience for both pet owners and their animals, there are several precautions that should be taken to ensure the safety, health and well-being of your animals while traveling domestically or abroad. The contributing travel writers and niche travel experts at have compiled the following five helpful tips for planning safe pet-friendly travels, from their personal experiences and important lessons learned along the way:

1. Avoid ?Pop-Up? Pet Carriers: One common mistake that travelers make when purchasing their animal carriers before a trip, is falling for the ?deal? and purchasing the super affordable ?pop-up? pet carriers that are advertised as being ultra-lightweight and compact as they can be easily folded and tucked away at the end of the day. While it?s true that these carriers are more affordable than traditional plastic crates, carriers and kennels, they are in actuality a real safety hazard for animals both large and small. What the advertisers DON?T tell you, is that these budget pop-up carriers are extremely flimsy, nearly impossible to carry and can collapse while your animal is inside of them at the drop of a dime. If you are planning to travel with pets, spend a little more money to purchase a durable kennel (preferably made of water-resistant plastic) with wire doors and windows for extra security and ventilation. Not only are these plastic kennels more easy to clean and maintain, but they will not collapse when luggage slightly shifts in your car or onboard a plane, they have carry handles for easy transport, they come in all sizes and will be a life-long investment that is well-worth the extra money spent. If traveling by plane, call the airline in advance to request their animal crate requirements and specifications to ensure you?ll have no difficulties boarding your animal.

2. Pack A Pet First-Aid Kit/Travel Bag: Prior to departing on a trip with your pet, preparation is key. Pack a separate bag for your pet that contains drinking water, enough food for several days, an extra leash, plastic bags to pick-up after your pet, cleaning supplies, first aid kit and one or two of your animal?s favorite toys from home. Don?t assume that the destination you?re visiting will have a pet supply store within a short driving distance or will have your pet?s specific food brand in stock, so pack these ?travel essentials? for your pet just in case. Some important things to have on hand for first aid kit supplies include clean towels and cloths, nonstick bandages, adhesive tape, gauze and clean water.

3. Obtain Veterinarian Records In Advance: Ask your veterinarian for copies of your pet?s medical records and proof of vaccinations (especially a valid rabies certificate) that you can keep close on hand, should any emergencies arise while you?re away. You?ll want to call at least one month in advance to ensure your veterinarian has enough time to make these medical record copies for you. If traveling with an exotic animal, ask your veterinarian to provide your pet with an exam and health certificate and make sure you have the appropriate documentation in order to cross state or country lines with your animal.

4. Do Your Destination Homework: When traveling across state and country lines, it?s essential to have a valid rabies vaccine certificate on-hand. It?s also important to ensure your animal is in good health ? as many countries require a signed certificate of health and some will even require an automatic veterinary inspection for all pets crossing the border. Do your research before traveling with a pet abroad. Some countries quarantine pets (for days and even months) before allowing the animal into their country. Some cities, states and countries also have restrictions on the types of exotic animals you?re allowed to bring with you, so contact the individual destinations you?re planning to visit (or those you will be driving through) to ensure that you have the proper documentation for your pet as well as to learn more about their possible quarantine procedures, exotic animal restrictions, mandatory microchip policies and more. It?s also recommended to microchip your animal prior to your trip, to avoid losing your pet while traveling.

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