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It's official you are the final blog geek. You have been doing it for just about 2 years now, posting entries on your private blog about every second day for the reading pleasure of quite a few your blog's steadfast fans. Fortunate for you, your real job permits you to go browsing every now and then inside a day to test your blog and consistently put updates about your life, your thoughts, and your weird experiences. But one day at work, you sit in front of your PC and type in the address of your blog, only to find out the address has been blocked by administration.

Seemingly, there's a new rule that proscribes workers from gaining access to blog sites while they're at work. One of the most important reasons why you started a blog was so you might have a place to vent out your annoyances about work, other folks, and life generally. And an apparently biased rule that prohibits staff to go to blog sites is just the type of disappointment that you rejoice in ranting about on your blog. Sadly , that doesn't appear possible any longer. Put aside your blogging blues for a second and read on, because here is some engaging info that we believe you would find quite handy : the reality is, employing a PC and the Net isn't the only way to post on your blog. Thanks to technology, you may compose and publish your blog entries thru your mobile telephone anytime, anywhere! Called mobile blogging, it is steadily becoming more popular as more people are getting hooked on what's a. K. A moblogging. Cannot bear to wait to get blogging on your cell-phone? Prior to doing, below are some tips on mobile blogging basics. One. Important things first : join up to a blog which has mobile blogging capacities. Two. Join up to a new e-mail account. Ideally , you are only to use this account for your mobile blogging activities. Three.

Set up your weblogging software so it will constantly take a look at your e-mail account for messages and e-mails to post. Four. Start moblogging! All you've got to do is use your cellphone to send messages or posts to your e-mail account. The weblogging software that you set up will then be waiting for these mails, that the weblogging software is programmed to immediately post on your blog once it receives them.

So keep your blog mouth-watering and updated whenever, wherever you are with merely a telephone in hand and tons of ideas.

Start moblogging now!

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