Irvine, CA (PRWEB) May 18, 2011 debates whether financing a college education is a sound money management decision in light of the hefty debt load and uncertain employment of students graduating from college. The post, entitled Crippled by Student Debt is available at

The Wall Street Journal recently dubbed the class of 2011 as the most indebted college graduates ever, with an adjusted average debt load in excess of $ 22,000 ? an astounding 47% increase over a decade ago! The article notes that regardless of the sluggish economy, college tuition continues to rise 5% annually with parents less able to provide financial assistance to their off-spring.

According the WSJ ?as of 2009, the annual pre-tax income of households headed by people with at least a college degree exceeded that of less-educated households by 101%, up from 91% in 2006. As of April, the unemployment rate among college graduates stood at 4.5%, compared to 9.7% for those with only a high-school diploma and 14.6% for those who never finished high school.?

Money management blog addresses these pressures in a recent post entitled Crippled by Student Debt. In discussing the ROI of a college education Vered Deleeuw, the posts author, agrees with the WSJ article noting that ?the sad reality is that while college graduates have traditionally earned more than high school graduates, this gap in earnings has remained stable, while college costs have skyrocketed.?

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