Bloggers Speed To Help Katrina Victims

Honolulu (PRWEB) September 9, 2005

Business Blogging, has proved its worth over the long Labor Day holiday as 1,821 bloggers raised $ 1,227,612 for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

What began as Blog for Relief Day on September 1st – an idea initially floated on August 30 by Hugh Hewitt on his blog,, then picked up by Glenn Reynolds from, who suggested September 1st as the start date; and then put into action by N.Z. Bear as a special area of his site for bloggers to post donations – grew into Blog for Relief Weekend (September 1st – 5th).

Hawaii residents and owners of RPM Success Group Inc., Deborah and John-Paul Micek were planning on making some donations on their own, but when they saw what Hewitt, Reynolds and Bear were doing, they put their money where their mouths are.

Mr. Micek says, “As strong proponents of marketing with business blogs, Deborah and I decided to test the word-of-mouth power of business blogs. Our intention was to act as a catalyst to inspire some action from our business-coaching clients and business owners who read our blogs. We issued a $ 1,000 matching challenge on in the afternoon of August 31st. We had hoped to get at least $ 1,000 in donations that we could match. But, what happened in less than 24 hours blew us away! Including our matching funds, we received proof of more than $ 12,500 in donations by September 1st at 11:59 p.m. To me, that's proof that marketing with business blogs works.”

At the same time that the Miceks were putting their Marketing With Business Blogs multi-media course to good use (,) the total tracked over at was approaching $ 350,000. The momentum was building and Blog for Relief Day turned into Blog for Relief Weekend yielding nearly $ 1.3 million for the victims of Hurricane Katrina by September 5.

Fast, fluid and viral, bloggers acted as a cohesive whole to quickly transform digital communication into tangible support for people in need. With no direction, no government assistance, and no political leadership, bloggers donated more than $ 1.2 million for 298 charitable organizations in just five short days. And, the contributions are still pouring in.

Deborah Micek adds, “For those of you who may have missed the Blog for Relief Weekend, don't let that stop you from continuing to give. The cost and human suffering from Hurricane Katrina is growing by the minute. You can check out the full details from our two separate $ 1,000 matching challenges over at


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Sydney, NSW, Australia (PRWEB) April 16, 2008

Rich Niche Blogging, a website with free tutorial resources for bloggers, announces the release of its first module – Niche Market Research Methods for SEO. The new ebook is designed to help writers get blog rankings and offers skills and strategies to start a niche blogging business and ensure that they go about building their blog the right way – by setting their foundation posts with sound search engine optimized niche keywords and phrases.

“This ebook is for business bloggers looking to start a blogging business.” said Julie Francis, owner of Rich Niche Blogging. “It provides valuable insider information on search engine optimization that will help your blog rise in the rankings and gain more readers.”

Highlights from Niche Market Research Methods for SEO include:

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Edmond, OK (PRWEB) December 19, 2005

In recent years, millions of people have succumbed to the blog phenomenon, writing and publishing their own online journals about politics, relationships or their favorite TV shows. Short for ?web log,? blogs are the newest form of independent journalism ? and it seems as though everyone from pre-teens to senior citizens is jumping on the blog bandwagon. In the past, bloggers have been rewarded only with the respect and admiration of those who read their postings. Now, however, the popular web site WorldVillage promises an opportunity for serious bloggers to make some serious cash at

?Everyone has something to say, and everyone has something that they can teach to the rest of us,? says Joel Comm, founder of ?Our web site has always been about community and family-friendly entertainment, and it only made sense to add blogging to that equation. Now our visitors can share a little bit of their own knowledge while they learn from each other.?

The best part is that members of the WorldVillage Blog Network can make money by using Google AdSense to show advertisements on their blog pages. The ads don?t interfere with the content of the blog, and bloggers stand to make 50% of the ad revenues generated by their site. ?Blogging is easy and fun,? says Comm. ?Our bloggers have a chance to make a profit and to gain tons of exposure for their writing. And all they need to do is log in once a week and talk about the things that interest them. It?s like getting paid to have a conversation with a friend.?

Participants in WorldVillage?s Blog Network can choose from a variety of subjects on which to write including health, business, the arts, family and recreation. There are currently dozens of bloggers on WorldVillage, and the site is taking applications for more. ?You?re probably not going to get rich from blogging,? admits Comm. ?But you just might make a little extra cash, meet a lot of really great people, and end up having the time of your life.?

To learn more about WorldVillage?s Blog Network or to apply to become a blog contributor, visit

About WorldVillage is a member of the InfoMedia.Inc. family of web sites which includes,,, and the newly-launched Founded by Joel Comm, an author, technology buff and game enthusiast, InfoMedia, Inc. has been striving to provide family-friendly entertainment and other useful resources via the World Wide Web since 1995. The company is based in Edmond, OK. For more information contact InfoMedia, Inc. at (405) 348-2800 or visit

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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2006 is a new bloggers community gathering webmasters together and offering them innovative services in order to improve their blogs using professional tools, thus building traffic and make money from it. The forum structured layout is the natural environment in which is developed in order to make members interaction easier.

People visiting can find free resources to get help on how to start blogging, and a discussion place where to talk about blogs. In this way they can share ideas and get inspiration for new features to be implemented in their blogs.

Everyday new bloggers come in and help other webmasters improve their blogs? quality and traffic. In fact the free link exchange service gives to webmasters the opportunity to obtain links for free thus developing traffic in time on the long run.

Moreover a download section is available, where webmasters can find and share free promotional tools. Using those tools on their blogs allow them to enhance their content quality and build traffic to the site, that is the primary target of every webmaster trying to promote their content on the internet. was launched on March 16 and since then new members join the community and sign up everyday.

A competition for members is available as well, letting them to win a Silver Mini iPod.

Furthermore webmasters can make money from their personal blogs by selling advertisement space, or selling their blog if they want so, thanks to the free market place in which they can interact. For instance, in this way new content can be acquired, or blog freelance writers can be hired.

As a plus, members are allowed to create a private or public image gallery, and create a blog if they don?t have one. Thanks to anyone can create their own blog and learn how to improve it.

For more information on the free bloggers community or on how make money from a blog, visit the site .

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Blogosphere's Brightest Stars to Offer Expert Advice to Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, ADV, PR Communities at First Blogworld & New Media Expo

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) September 10, 2007

Journalists, social media pioneers, marketing experts and entrepreneurs will share their experience and advice about building audience, monetizing content, journalistic ethics, engaging communities and conversational marketing at BlogWorld & New Media Expo , the first-ever industry-wide blogging conference and trade show.

Scheduled for November 7 – 9, 2007 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the conference will feature more than 60 sessions on blogging, podcasting, video blogging and other types of social media activities for new and experienced content creators, entrepreneurs and business executives.

BlogWorld will bring together leading new media gurus from all topic areas. Among those sharing expertise will be:


    Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post , one of the most widely-read and cited blog sites on the Internet
    Hugh Hewitt , author of “BLOG,” law professor and nationally syndicated radio host


    Om Malik, founder and executive editor of GigaOm , contributing editor at Business 2.0, telecom and broadband industry expert
    Mike Arrington, serial entrepreneur and editor of monster technology blogs TechCrunch and Crunchnotes


    Shel Israel , co-author of “Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers”
    Charlene Li , principal analyst, Forrester Research; interactive media publishing expert and previous board member, Newspaper Association of America's New Media Federation


    Matt Cerrone, editor and publisher of the wildly popular baseball blog MetsBlog
    Tyler Bleszinski, president and co-founder of Sports Blogs Nation and editor of Athletics Nation


    Matt Burden, retired U.S. military officer, author of the renowned Milblog “Blackfive ,” which Burden says he started “because of the sacrifice of my friend, Major Mathew Schram , un-noticed by the MSM”
    Michael Yon , former U.S. Special Forces soldier, author of “Danger Close” and independent online photo journalist, currently embedded with the U.S. Marines Anbar Province Iraq


    Brian Clark, editor of Copyblogger , a blog dedicated to the business of blogging, Internet marketing strategist, content developer, entrepreneur and recovering attorney
    Jim Kukral , online marketing guru who specializes in helping businesses make money online


    Professor David Perlmutter , Associate Dean, the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications, University of Kansas; author of “Blogwars” a book on war, politics, visual images, new media and public opinion

Additional information on BlogWorld, speaker topics, session descriptions and registration information are all available at Discounted pricing is available through October 19.

Press Contact:

Kelly Taylor for BlogWorld Expo

The Bohle Company

blogworldpr @

(310) 785-0515, Ext. 300

Blogger Contact:

Brian Solis


brian @

408-428-0895 Ext. 101

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