10 Holiday Gift Tips to Keep Families Debt Free

Lake Bluff, IL (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

With holiday shopping upon us, I?ve devised a list a list of 10 almost-no-money gift ideas for the whole family this holiday season. These tips will help you keep spending to a minimum, while still offering your loved ones gifts to be treasured. Best of all, you?ll set a good example for your kids on how to give at the holidays without overspending or taking on any credit card debt.

Make it?

Use only what you have at home. We all know that we have enough leftover craft stuff to last us a lifetime. Make a game of finding everything you have and bring it all into the kitchen and then start making a few homemade gifts for those you love. Grandparents especially love this kind of gift. Go ahead, make their day!

Re-gift it?

One year my youngest wrapped up a stuffed animal she owned as a holiday present for her older sister. Well, that did not go over so well as my youngest was 13 and was clearly late to the gift game and was trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. With just a bit more thought, giving something you really love to someone you really love can be a great gift.

I give books that I have read and adored. This way my friends get a book that is guaranteed to please. I often include a note with other books that I have read by that author and suggestions they might want to follow up with at the library.

Kids can re-gift a favorite book, gently used and much-loved toy or even clothing that they have seen a sibling or friend admire. As long as they are willing to share the gift permanently and understand this, it?s a great way to let the person know you were listening. This strategy will also help strengthen a child?s sharing and empathy skills.

Write it?

Letters are so important. In the 21st century we are all inclined to email and text, but a real hand-written or typed letter is now so rare that it truly will get your child?s attention. Use it this holiday as a gift of your time and attention. Tell them how you spent your holidays as a child; what was most important. Pick a moment this year when you were proud of them. Recap a moment they really showed you what they were made of and then wrap the letter as a gift. Because it is a gift ? showing you see them and think enough of them to capture this memory on paper for them to read and re-read.

Forgive it?

This is an all-time favorite of my family at New Years ? but it can work at Christmas as well. I give them each a free pass on one thing they did wrong but have yet to confess. It?s a brilliant way to hear what might be lurking out there for you as a parent to yet be aware of, and it gets everybody talking about what took place that needs forgiving.

Craft a ?Forgiven? coupon and again, wrap it as a gift with a date and time when all will gather and share what they need to unburden themselves with.

Acknowledge it?

Look around you. There are likely a multitude of things to be grateful for. A word or a letter of acknowledgement is one of the best gifts you can give anyone. Thank your pastor for his or her spiritual leadership. Thank your friends for being there for you. Thank your doctor for his or her compassion. I?m sure that if you sit down for five minutes and think about the blessings in your life you will generate a very long list of people that deserve a gift of your acknowledgement.

Promise it?

My favorite gifts from my kids when they were young ? coupons! ?Anytime kitchen clean-up?, ?shoulder massage?, ?one hour of quiet time?, oh there were many such wonderful gifts. Kids made the coupons and wrapped each up and I got to ?cash-in? throughout the year.

Grandparents love to get coupons for guaranteed time with grandkids. From face-to-face time to time on the phone or Skyping on the computer on a regular basis ? this will be a cherished commitment that will end up being a gift to both grandparents and grandkids.

This year, as budgets are tight and Christmas is notoriously tough on budgets, because so much money gets spent all at once, try stretching that budget with a coupon. Do the kids love baseball? Coupon them tickets to a home game this summer and add a baseball or t-shirt to the gift to make it fun.

Tackle it?

Everybody in the family can make a list of needs and wants for things that do not cost money, but need someone?s time and talent to do. Then print the lists and cut apart each item from the list separately. (To make sure you do not pick your own, you can either color the paper or use colored paper when you print your list ? using a unique color for each family member.) Fold each item ?card? up and place them all in Santa?s hat, then on Christmas Day, everybody gets to pick 11. And that becomes the family?s gift to one another.

What?s on my list this year? Changing light bulbs around the house inside and out. Picking up shoes at the back door and putting them where they belong! Emptying the dishwasher. What kids list will depend on their age, but requests can range from a ride to the library to using the car on Friday night.

Start it?

Set a great example by starting something this year that your kids (or spouse) have been after you to do. Lose weight? Exercise? Cook more meals at home? Eat out more? Read more?

If you have a habit that is stressing out your kids ? not to mention your own health ? make a gift of quitting, tapering, changing or getting some kind of help that gives them peace. Show them how you plan to tackle the issue, and enlist their help. Everybody wins.

Bake it?

Okay, it does cost time and some money, but baking has long been a tradition for gifting at this time of the year for our family. I have a long list of kids that wait on my chocolate chip banana bread. (Email me if you?d like the recipe; happy to share.) Attach the recipe to the baled goods and you are good to go!

Lend it?

Make a list of what you have that you would be willing to ?lend out? when asked. Maybe you have a snow blower – for those of us here in the Midwest, it?s a welcome gift on those wet, snow days ? which you could lend to a friend and neighbor. Take the list and place it in your holiday card and include an email or phone number they can use when they?d like to take advantage of the gift you have offered for use.

About Susan Beacham:

Susan Beacham is CEO of Money Savvy Generation. Susan is an award-winning education entrepreneur and nationally recognized kids and money expert. Her passion is to empower children and young adults to take control over their financial lives and futures in a world of increasing financial complexity. Her company develops innovative products to help parents, educators and others teach basic personal finance skills to school-aged children. Follow Susan?s advice on her blog (http://www.susanbeacham.com) or on Twitter:@SusanBeacham

About Money Savvy Generation:

Since 1999, Money Savvy Generation continues to develop innovative products to help parents, grandparents, educators and others teach kids the skills of basic personal finance. The company strives to empower kids to take control of their financial lives and, in turn, their futures. Founded by Susan Beacham, the company created the beloved Money Savvy Pig

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(PRWEB) November 18, 2011

Quick Guide to SE Nuke X

SE Nuke X is a sophisticated program designed to help webpages get higher rankings in the search engines. It does this by automatically creating pages on sites like Blogger, Tripod and many others. It then builds links to these sites using a number of resources and strategies. In other words, SE Nuke builds links to the Web properties it creates, then links those properties to your money pages, creating a “link pyramid” with your own webpages at the top.

SE Nuke has a variety of modules. Some of these modules need the user to input some information while other modules will run automatically without any input needed from the user.

The Niche Keyword Research Module performs basic niche research to find the keywords that give your pages the best chance for success. These keywords are those that have few other sites competing for the same keywords, get a lot of traffic, and the traffic has value. All traffic doesn't have the same value. For example, many search engine experts avoid using the word “free” as it often attracts freebie seekers and brings traffic of little or no value. Also, finding keywords that have little competition but still get lots of traffic is easier said than done. However it is still a main goal of niche research.

A custom Site Promotion Strategy Module has an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets users outline the overall strategy. This is done by instructing the program which resources link to other resources. By letting the user control the linking strategies the program can reduce “footprints” search engines such as Google may find and detect as being made by automated programs. If you are unsure of your own custom strategy, you can select from a number of premade strategies, giving the user the choice of ease or power.

SE Nuke's Project Settings Module determines how fast and how often to create resources and build links to them. While faster may seem as being better, some search engine experts believe it's possible to build links to quickly. The Project Settings Module lets users choose between aggressive linking, which is more risky but faster, versus a slower linking campaign which is more conservative.

The Account Creation feature adds sites like Blogger and Tripod, etc. in this module, the program creates sites a number of free resources, then posts content on these resources. The content then links back to the user's money pages.

Auto captcha is a feature that automatically fills in those little boxes with the barely readable letters often seen when creating accounts. SE Nuke will fill in captchas in 10 seconds or less. This feature saves people time and hassles.

E-mail verification is another time-saving feature. When a resource is created, such as a blog on Blogger, they often send a verification e-mail which includes a link that needs to be clicked on in order for the account to be active. This is done automatically for you by the program.

All URLs to pages and RSS feeds created are placed in a list. These URLs then have links created that point to them, depending on the strategy selected in the Site Promotion Strategy Module.

The Social Bookmark Module reads the list of URLs of these pages and bookmarks them on dozens of popular bookmarking sites. This helps make sure all resources get indexed by the search engines quickly as well as builds more links.

SE Nuke also submits the RSS feeds to dozens of aggregators and RSS directories, again helping resources get indexed and adding extra links.

The Article Directory Module “spins” and submits articles to various article directories for more exposure. Spinning is somewhat controversial and is basically substituting words and phrases for other words and phrases, creating content for the purpose of tricking Google into thinking multiple pages have different content. The controversy arises from “spun” pages often don't read very well and some search engine experts don't believe there is any benefit from spinning content as far as linking is concerned.

A module that submits press releases is also included. Press releases can be beneficial as they can build links directly from the press release websites, plus the press releases may be picked up by other websites, creating more linking potential.

Also included is a forum profile builder. This service creates accounts on popular forums that have user profile pages for search engines can see. Links to your money pages and/or other resources can be added to these profile pages. Some SEO marketers swear by profile links, while others say they are very low value and a waste of time. There is some controversy over the issue of whether it is okay to create a profile on a forum with the intent of just building a link and not ever participating in the form.

The ping and index module is yet another function designed mostly to get pages indexed in the search engines. These are the lowest value links of any in SE Nuke and generally are used to point links at pages that point links to your other resources and your money pages.

While SE Nuke is highly automated, there is still preparation that should be done before beginning a campaign. Before starting, it's highly suggested to have:

5 – 7 “spin” ready articles

2 – 3 “spin ready” press releases

Assorted miscellaneous descriptions, profile page descriptions, keyword relevant descriptions for bookmarking, etc.

(Optional) a couple of videos,

Also remember that while SE Nuke is a powerful program, it relies mostly on gathering low value links from easy to get resources. Because of this, unless you have selected keywords with very easy competition, just running a campaign may not be enough. For best results you will probably need to add another linking campaign which focuses on getting a few higher quality links. A few good, solid links mixed with an SE Nuke campaign can make all the difference in the world.


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Free Blogging 101 eBook by Kleenex Mums Teaches Parents How to Blog

Blogging 101 eBook

(PRWEB) March 29, 2011

Kleenex Mums have released an eBook on how to become a top mum blogger. The Blogging 101 eBook is free and available for download as of today from the Kleenex Mums website.

The comprehensive ‘how to blog’ guide for mums contains detailed information on all aspects of blogging, from design and set up to balancing family life and making money. In addition to this, readers are treated to a number of free resources and features written by successful Australian mum bloggers.

Melissa Gassman, co-founder and manager of the Kleenex Mums website, is thrilled about the release of the Blogging 101 eBook, “We’re proud supporters of the Australian mum blogger community, so we’re naturally very excited to be releasing such a helpful free resource.

“By asking established bloggers to share their knowledge we’ve created an eBook that we hope will make the process of starting a blog a lot easier for any mum or dad who is thinking about it,” she said.

A survey by Kleenex Mums has found that 46% of online mums read blogs, 26% comment on blogs, 13% write blogs and 46% would like to guest blog for a parenting website.

Kleenex Mums is an online community of Australian mums sharing advice about parenting and also represents VIVA Paper Towel, Kleenex Facial Tissue and Kleenex Cottonelle Toilet Paper. For more information visit our website or download the Blogging 101 eBook (PDF).

About Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark is an innovative health and hygiene products company that most Australians come into contact with everyday. Major brands Kleenex®, Wondersoft®, Viva®, Thick & Thirsty®, Huggies®, Snugglers®, Poise®, Depend®, Kotex® and (U) by Kotex®. KCA just launched a new Flushable Wipes product, and have a range of hygiene products for kids.

Kimberly-Clark Australia employs over 1,650 people and has annual sales revenue of approximately $ 1 billion.

# # #

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, Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.
Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Global Cash Flow Network Gives Away Free Advice and Consultation To Help More People Looking To Start A Home Based Internet Business

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) October 10, 2005

The Global Cash Flow Network Team announces the release of their new website http://www.globalcashflownetwork.blogspot.com and http://www.globalcashflownetwork.com to provide tools, advice and tips to those looking to start their own home based business.

Global Cash Flow Network has a goal to become the #1 Home Business Resource Center in the world. The founders have over 20 years of experience in the field and have now created a new division to help those people interested in creating a home business on the Internet which does not require inventory, selling, or the traditional overhead of most businesses.

In fact, one of the staff had this to say: “Our motto – We guarantee results with our system. We find more and more people want to do something simple and at home. We provide people an easy way to start up their own business with a minimal downside if any; and a huge upside working with Fortune 500 companies and a group like ours with over 20 years of experience at helping people achieve their goals.”

About Global Cash Flow Network: Global Cash Flow Network offers people free tips and strategies for starting their own business. In addition, Global Cash Flow Network offers a business for those who are serious about working with a proven low risk business. Committed to helping over 1 million people in the next several years, feel free to visit: http://www.globalcashflownetwork.com or their blog with tips at http://www.globalcashflownetwork.blogspot.com


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Have you ever wondered how to create space so that you can shoot over or slip past the defense?


This week Chase discusses how you can create space, which will allow you to get your shot off or, to drive to the hoop. It may seem counterintuitive, but you can do this by closing the space between you and the defender. This sets off a chain-reaction that develops into a “mini close-out” situation; deadly to the unsuspecting defender!!

We look forward to all of your comments! Thanks so much for all the support! We'd love to get a video response from one of you!

See you next week!!

Be sure to check out our website:

and Chase's site:


Duration : 0:3:32

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