TALLAHASSEE, FL (PRWEB) December 31, 2011

Travelhoppers – a website dedicated to providing free travel planning resources coupled with travel expert insight and advice – is pleased to unveil its ?Let Us Mail You a Cat (or Dog)? campaign and reveal five tips for encouraging safe travel with pets. As part of the campaign consumers can register for a chance to win a dog or cat of their very own!

Travelhoppers? ?Let Us Mail You a Cat (or Dog)? campaign features a monthly drawing being launched today where five lucky winners each will receive a $ 75 gift certificate or credit at their local animal rescue shelter to adopt a dog or a cat. Consumers can register at Travelhoppers.com and/or like the Travelhoppers page on Facebook at facebook.com/travelhoppers for a chance to win. The site will also be running a series of articles on pet traveling such as its current offering entitled 10 things you should not do when traveling with pets!

Due to the high costs of overnight animal boarding and an increase in the number of pet-friendly hotels and travel destinations, more people will be bringing their pets along on their winter vacations than ever before. While traveling with pets can be a wonderful experience for both pet owners and their animals, there are several precautions that should be taken to ensure the safety, health and well-being of your animals while traveling domestically or abroad. The contributing travel writers and niche travel experts at Travelhoppers.com have compiled the following five helpful tips for planning safe pet-friendly travels, from their personal experiences and important lessons learned along the way:

1. Avoid ?Pop-Up? Pet Carriers: One common mistake that travelers make when purchasing their animal carriers before a trip, is falling for the ?deal? and purchasing the super affordable ?pop-up? pet carriers that are advertised as being ultra-lightweight and compact as they can be easily folded and tucked away at the end of the day. While it?s true that these carriers are more affordable than traditional plastic crates, carriers and kennels, they are in actuality a real safety hazard for animals both large and small. What the advertisers DON?T tell you, is that these budget pop-up carriers are extremely flimsy, nearly impossible to carry and can collapse while your animal is inside of them at the drop of a dime. If you are planning to travel with pets, spend a little more money to purchase a durable kennel (preferably made of water-resistant plastic) with wire doors and windows for extra security and ventilation. Not only are these plastic kennels more easy to clean and maintain, but they will not collapse when luggage slightly shifts in your car or onboard a plane, they have carry handles for easy transport, they come in all sizes and will be a life-long investment that is well-worth the extra money spent. If traveling by plane, call the airline in advance to request their animal crate requirements and specifications to ensure you?ll have no difficulties boarding your animal.

2. Pack A Pet First-Aid Kit/Travel Bag: Prior to departing on a trip with your pet, preparation is key. Pack a separate bag for your pet that contains drinking water, enough food for several days, an extra leash, plastic bags to pick-up after your pet, cleaning supplies, first aid kit and one or two of your animal?s favorite toys from home. Don?t assume that the destination you?re visiting will have a pet supply store within a short driving distance or will have your pet?s specific food brand in stock, so pack these ?travel essentials? for your pet just in case. Some important things to have on hand for first aid kit supplies include clean towels and cloths, nonstick bandages, adhesive tape, gauze and clean water.

3. Obtain Veterinarian Records In Advance: Ask your veterinarian for copies of your pet?s medical records and proof of vaccinations (especially a valid rabies certificate) that you can keep close on hand, should any emergencies arise while you?re away. You?ll want to call at least one month in advance to ensure your veterinarian has enough time to make these medical record copies for you. If traveling with an exotic animal, ask your veterinarian to provide your pet with an exam and health certificate and make sure you have the appropriate documentation in order to cross state or country lines with your animal.

4. Do Your Destination Homework: When traveling across state and country lines, it?s essential to have a valid rabies vaccine certificate on-hand. It?s also important to ensure your animal is in good health ? as many countries require a signed certificate of health and some will even require an automatic veterinary inspection for all pets crossing the border. Do your research before traveling with a pet abroad. Some countries quarantine pets (for days and even months) before allowing the animal into their country. Some cities, states and countries also have restrictions on the types of exotic animals you?re allowed to bring with you, so contact the individual destinations you?re planning to visit (or those you will be driving through) to ensure that you have the proper documentation for your pet as well as to learn more about their possible quarantine procedures, exotic animal restrictions, mandatory microchip policies and more. It?s also recommended to microchip your animal prior to your trip, to avoid losing your pet while traveling.

5. Research Animal Restrictions & Fees for Pet-Friendly Hotels: Many hotels advertise as being pet-friendly these days, however, that does not mean that all animals will be warmly welcomed upon their arrival. Before booking rooms at a hotel that claims to be ?pet-friendly,? call the hotel in advance to find out if they have specific animal restrictions, a maximum number of allowable pets per room and fees associated with pet stays. Additionally, have one pet-friendly hotel ?back-up? plan for each destination on your travel itinerary should any problems arise with your original hotel reservations or their pet policies upon arrival. If traveling across country and making nightly hotel reservations on a whim, one great resource to keep in your car is ?The AAA PetBook? ? which is an on-the-road-guide for traveling with pets that has more than 13,000 pet-friendly hotels and campground selections by destination location across North America.

This roundup of pet travel tips was compiled by Travelhoppers? Founder, Richard Earls, and his team of highly knowledgeable travel experts and travel writers that regularly contribute to the Travelhoppers blog.

Travelers looking for insightful information about travel, personal tips and expert advice can benefit from visiting the Travelhoppers blog to delve into interesting and unique aspects of travel with new articles, excerpts, and content added daily. From facts and figures to firsthand traveler reviews and so much more, Travelhoppers gives travelers the information they need and want ? as well as providing free access to the largest, most frequently updated database of travel companies, brochures, and specialists on the Internet.

About Travelhoppers.com

Travelhoppers.com is a travel website dedicated to the proposition that it?s all about value. The company provides consumers with free access to the largest, frequently updated repository of travel companies brochures, and travel specialists on the Internet. All via one site, Travelhoppers.com brings travelers unabridged information directly from 3000+ tour operators, packagers, cruise lines, destinations and other travel suppliers; as well as insight from travel industry veterans, first-hand knowledge from travel writers and feedback from other consumers; and a means to connect with travel specialists for assistance with travel planning.


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Tampa, FL (PRWEB) November 16, 2011

Triadex Services, one of the fastest growing, on-demand print and mail distribution services in the US, today announces the launch of its redesigned website, http://www.TriadexServices.com. The new design allows for easier navigation, the ability to request both print and mail and check printing proposals, a glossary, an updated FAQ, and visible samples of the services the company provides.

Most businesses will research the print and mail industry before contacting vendors for pricing. The purpose of the website redesign is to make it easier for visitors to complete their initial research of the print and mail industry and then share this information with other decision makers.

Thousands of organizations are already outsourcing their printing and mailing needs. They include companies of all types and sizes, including medical billing firms, property management organizations, and collection agencies.

Clients of Triadex Services have the added confidence of receiving HIPAA and SSAE16 Certified print and mail services. HIPAA refers to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. In order to ensure customer privacy, healthcare providers should partner with a print and mail company that is HIPAA compliant. SSAE16 Certified is a security certification that many banks and credit unions require. It supersedes the SAS70 auditing standards.

Triadex Services is able to deliver your mail faster, easier, and less expensively because it is processed through CASS Certification. When your mail is processed through CASS, you obtain bulk mail discounts from the USPS and your mail is delivered faster, which means better cash flow for your business.

Triadex Services allows businesses to save both time and money by outsourcing their invoice printing, statement processing, and check printing and mailing needs. Businesses looking for more information about the print and mail industry should visit the company blog or contact a Triadex Services representative at 877-TRIADEX (874-2339).

About Triadex Services:

Triadex Services is one of the fastest growing print and mail distribution services in the US. The company provides on-demand print and mail services to companies ranging from Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized companies. Triadex Services? unique print and mail service is dedicated to businesses that need to outsource the printing and mailing of client communications in order to save both time and money. You can rely on Triadex Services as your trusted partner in managing all of your invoice printing needs.


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Portland, OR (PRWEB) September 12, 2011

TweakerLabs announced today the public launch of Tweaker, a mobile app and a revolution in finance that allows the ?power of the people” to reign over Wall Street. Debuting September 12th at San Francisco?s TechCrunch Disrupt, TweakerLabs is celebrating the public launch of Tweaker with contests for cash prizes that attendees and remote-participants can play online as well as from any Android-based phone.

“Tweaker has been very successful in private beta for several months now,” says Courtney Couch, Co-founder of TweakerLabs. “We're ready to move to the next step, and we're thrilled to release Tweaker to the public at TechCrunch Disrupt.”

Powerful enough for the stock professional, yet simple and intuitive enough for the investing rookie, the app is the first of its kind to capture public insight on any stock, public or private, worldwide. Tweaker then shares that information back with the community, creating a clear picture of a company's outlook. The valuation engine then provides an independent insight on any stock, freeing financial opinion from a small group of analysts. Tweaker brings “the Wisdom of Crowds” (i.e., you and 10 million of your best friends) directly to Wall Street's doorstep.

The power behind Tweaker is an objective, Wall Street-tested algorithm responsible for previously driving billions of dollars of institutional investment.

?The contest at Disrupt is fitting; it is the perfect way to introduce Tweaker,? says Trent Nevills, former hedge fund manager and Co-founder of TweakerLabs. ?The cash prizes and competition show the fun side of Tweaker, all while users get to know just how powerful Tweaker is. We see Tweaker becoming a standard mobile tool for anyone interested in stocks – beginners and pros alike.”

Tweaker can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace starting September 12, 2011. A special launch contest runs from September 12-14. The point leader as of the market close on September 14th will win a grand prize of $ 250. The second-place finisher will receive $ 150, and each day $ 50 will be awarded to the individual with the highest point total for that day. In addition, Tweaker is holding a special Facebook Private IPO contest with a prize of $ 500 starting on September 12th. Complete contest details are available at the Tweaker blog (http://www.tweakerlabs.com/blog/) and Tweaker users can sign up for contests at http://www.tweakerlabs.com/techcrunch. Stop by our booth at TechCrunch for free training and coveted bonus points in Monday?s Tweaker competition!

The September 12th release of Tweaker will be a TechCrunch-specific build. In the coming weeks, Tweaker will release full Android and iPhone builds. For more information and an introductory video, visit http://www.tweakerlabs.com.

About Tweaker and TweakerLabs

Tweaker is the brain-child of technology veteran Courtney Couch and Wall Street veteran Trent Nevills, who are both passionate about bringing finance to the masses. TweakerLabs' goal is to meld the world of finance, social media and technology.

About TechCrunch Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2011(http://disrupt.techcrunch.com) is TechCrunch?s second annual conference in San Francisco attracting over 2,500 leading technology innovators and investors and over 150 new startups. The main conference is preceded by the popular Hackathon — a 24-hour competition where over 500 top developers present new innovations. TechCrunch Disrupt follows with a format that combines top thought-leader discussions with new product and company launches. Morning executive discussions debate the most timely disruptions in the technology industry. Afternoons host the Startup Battlefield where 30 plus new companies will launch for the first time on stage, selected to present from more than 1000 applications received from around the world. Another 100 early-stage startups will exhibit in Startup Alley. TechCrunch will award a $ 50,000 grand prize along with other award recognitions at the conclusion of the conference. The Hackathon is Sept 10-11; the main conference is Sept 12-14 2011 at San Francisco Design Center Concourse, 635 8th Street (at Brannan), San Francisco, CA 94107.

TechCrunch (http://www.techcrunch.com) is a leading technology media network dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. Founded by Michael Arrington in 2005, TechCrunch and its network of websites reach over 13 million unique visitors and more than 30 million page views per month. TechCrunch was acquired by AOL in 2011 and operates a global network of websites including dedicated properties in Europe and Japan, as well as specialized industry websites including MobileCrunch, CrunchGear, GreenTech, TechCrunchIT, and CrunchBase. TechCrunch's CrunchBase is the leading open database about startup companies, people, and investors. In addition to TechCrunch Disrupt, TechCrunch hosts other conferences and events, including the Crunchies Awards (http://crunchies2010.techcrunch.com) and various meet-ups worldwide, serving as community platforms for industry conversation and collaboration.


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Oakville, Ontario (PRWEB) December 4, 2007

Canada Yearbook Services, a yearbook publishing company with over 50 years of experience producing yearbooks for high schools, colleges, churches, and other organizations, is excited to announce the launch of a new blog site to help high schools and colleges with the printing and publishing of high school yearbooks and college yearbooks. The blog features several categories and a wide range of helpful information to facilitate yearbook production and yearbook printing.

The color yearbook printing company launched their new blog site in an effort to augment their already substantial support services for schools and organizations that face a myriad of challenges and options in producing yearbooks on an annual basis. A year book publisher that takes great pride in providing enduring keepsakes for their clients, Canada Yearbook Services is constantly pursuing logistical and economical innovations to save money and make the publishing process easier for their clients.

Canada Yearbook Services President Bryan Payne added, “Putting together a yearbook with all the pictures, events, and information is an enormously challenging undertaking for any organization and our aim is to make the process flow as smoothly as possible. We've launched our new blog site as a way for our clients to share ideas and troubleshoot production difficulties before they occur which will save time in the critical early stages of the project.”

The new blog site offers a wide range of helpful information targeting different aspects of yearbook publishing including:

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VISTAtsi Launches Blog, “Dialogue with David’

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) July 28, 2011

VISTA Technology Services, Inc. (VISTAtsi), a Veteran owned, IT data integration, and real property consultancy, is excited to make a mark on the internet by launching its blog, ?Dialogue with David? on VISTAtsi?s corporate website.

?We are excited about this new medium and want the blog to create synergy in the industry,? remarked President & CEO, David Baxa. ?It will further our goal of contributing information and knowledge sharing within the IT and real property portfolio management community.”

?Dialogue with David? will cover a variety of topics, starting off with providing useful, thought-provoking and news-worthy industry information relevant to large facilities portfolios including creative ideas about Data Integration,Federal Real Property and Civilian BRAC. It will be penned by David Baxa, a thought leader in the industry, who can offer his unique perspective and vast knowledge from his 40 plus years of professional experience. The blog will also be a place for VISTAtsi to build new relationships and stay connected with others in the industry.

In addition to this new blog, VISTAtsi continues to stay connected through additional social media avenues. Look for our corporate presence on Facebook with ?Facility Facts by VISTAtsi? with and our company profile on LinkedIn.

About David Baxa

David is an accomplished facilities planner and IT professional with expertise in real property asset analysis and management, master planning and application development. He has spent the past 30 years leading VISTAtsi and its previous incarnations. Baxa?s expertise in federal real property planning distinguishes him as a thought leader in BRAC and a visionary regarding the Civilian Property Realignment Act proposals now under discussion by the Administration and Congress. The Federal Times recently published David?s article titled ??Civilian BRAC' Could Bring Major Cost Savings.?

About VISTAtsi

VISTAtsi is an employee-owned management and IT consulting firm that supports large organizations in setting priorities for maintaining and getting the most from their real property asset portfolio. We are experts in managing data from an array of different sources, validating and analyzing that data and putting in place custom and COTS tools that give clients the ability to respond to it in a meaningful way. Our database, business intelligence visualization and real property planning and analysis services support decision-making at the highest levels and help organizations get the greatest value out of money spent on buildings, land and infrastructure.

Results matter. Expect more. Choose VISTAtsi.

To learn more, visit http://www.vistatsi.com.


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