Waterloo, ON (PRWEB) June 20, 2005

Canadian author Eric Giguere has just published a new consumer computer book called “Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising System”. This book for non-technical computer users walks them through the process of creating profitable blogs and Web sites, with no programming required. The sites make money using Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Inc.'s AdSense program, the easiest way for the average person to tap into the ever-increasing online advertising revenue pool.

*(Book cover: http://www.MakeEasyMoneyWithGoogle.com/images/0321321146.jpg)

The book is written in a breezy, conversational style and lacks the complicated jargon found in many computer books. The chapters are linked together by a narrative that follows three of the author's friends as they use the techniques described in the book to build their own money-making sites and blogs, a style reminiscent of easy-to-understand books like The Wealthy Barber.

According to a recent report by Merrill Lynch, online ad spending in the United States alone is expected to grow by 29% this year to 12.4 billion dollars. Google's AdSense program makes it possible for individuals to participate in this growth by monetizing content that they already own and any new content they create.

Early reviews praise the book for its approachability. “People will find this book useful,” says author and AdSense user C. Enrique Ortiz, “and will learn not only about Google, but also about the Web.” Others appreciate its real world examples and the use of characters they can identify with.

About the Author

Eric Giguere is a writer and software developer residing in Waterloo, Ontario, who has written three books and hundreds of articles about computers and computer programming. Having discovered how easy it was to make money from his own Web site using Google's AdSense program, he decided to write a non-technical book about it that his father could understand and enjoy reading.

Table of contents and more details are available from http://www.MakeEasyMoneyWithGoogle.com.

Book Summary

Title — Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program

Author — Eric Giguere

Publisher — Peachpit Press (Pearson)

ISBN — 0321321146

Softcover, full-color, 254 pages, US$ 24.99/CA$ 34.99.

Available today from all booksellers and book distributors.

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Enlightened Wealth Institute Student Starts Reality Blog And Mystery Contest On Making Money

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) May 8, 2008

An Enlightened Wealth Institute student has started a new blog which will help people make more money from real estate investments and online web business. Tammy Powell who has started the blog mentioned that the blog will help people learn how to make money online and profitable real estate investments. The blog also mentions how people in America and across the globe have made their millions by “flipping websites”, affiliate marketing and investing in real estate. She advises people to start small and slowly scale up their investments. The blog page was thrown open to journalists at a press conference which was called by Ms. Powell to showcase her postings and also let people know about the “making money blog” and upcoming Mystery contest. He urged people to read through the blogs and post their comments. He assured them that he will take out time personally and respond to all relevant comments that have been posted.

She mentioned that she spent over $ 30,000 in education and she has since reaped the rewards of that initial investment with the Enlightened Wealth Institute. She understands the nuances of real estate investing and is now translating that to making money online. Starting the blog was a natural progression to her efforts to add an additional passive income stream of internet advertising revenues and affiliate income. Even Warren Buffet knows home-based business are the wave of the future and frankly, saviour to a lot of families hurting right now from the US subprime crisis. She said that investing in real estate without sound fundamentals can result in huge losses which can make an individual go bankrupt. Yet did you know that for as little start up costs as $ 100, you can easily start to make money from blogs and online web strategies.

The reality blog will showcase examples of many individuals who learned from the Enlightened wealth Institute and other ‘guru' courses and slowly moved into the real world of “virtual” real estate.

Tammy will also be hosting a global mystery contest only open to students. On a lighter note she mentioned that “gurus” would not be allowed to the contest. The prizes of course remain a mystery.

She said that she will keep adding blogs that will help people get started and make it so easy even a teenage kid can do it! She alluded to an upcoming viral marketing video that will involve a dog, yes a dog, using her laptop! Closing off the discussions she said that blogs were a great medium to express one's opinion and stay abreast with the latest happenings.

Please visit http://tammypowell.com/ for more information on how to make money online and profitable real estate investments


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FTP Money Making – No Skills Needed! Runescape

Make Money in non members on a Lvl 3+ No skills needed. watch to see up to date money makers, and an entertaining video. All music used in my videos is purchased.I do not own the rights of the songs , its to put audio in my videos background only. RuneScape is a registered trademark of JaGeX Limited. I do not claim, or have any, affiliation with JaGeX Ltd.You can play runescape at : www.runescape.com

Duration : 0:5:57

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LONDON, ENGLAND, (PRWEB) September 25, 2003

Dow Jones look out! Only on one of the fastest growing new Web sites today will you find the rising trend of blogging being actively traded by savvy Internet investors worldwide.

The Web site is BlogShares.com and it is a fantasy stock market where sites ranging from Presidential Candidate Howard Dean's blog for America, the Bare Naked Ladies blog (a popular Rock Star Band), and former Star Trek TV star, Wil Wheaton's blog, can be publicly traded for fantasy dollars making virtual millionaires overnight in some cases.

There is no charge to join BlogShares.com and start investing in these and other blogs. Ownership of a blog is not necessary in order to participate.

Each player starts with five hundred dollars in fantasy money and grows their portfolio and wealth by investing in blogs.

Blogging is the ability for anyone with Internet access to publish thoughts, ideas, and share information online without having to know how to program or design a Web page. This self-published work is known on the Internet as a blog, which is short for weblog.

Similar to keeping a journal or diary, blogging is taking such self-expression to the digital age by simplifying the process. Entries are blogged online as easy as typing an email and clicking send. All entries are automatically formatted and chronologically archived for both author and reader. These entries commonly contain links to other blogs.

BlogShares.com provides real-time data as to which blogs are the most linked to blogs by people on the Internet today. This linking phenomenon determines the fantasy stock price of a particular blog at any given time and also represents some of the most read and popular blogs.

One such example is politician Gary Hart's blog being publicly traded around $ 1800 (Blog Dollars) per share on any given day and valued almost at forty thousand dollars with over one hundred incoming links.

There are over one hundred thirty thousand publicly traded blog sites listed on BlogShares.com with more being indexed daily. The BlogShares community has approximately five thousand active players with close to one thousand of these players trading blog stocks on a daily basis and often several times a day.

One of the regular players, Irma Vermaat of Belgium admits, “When I signed up for BlogShares I never thought the game would be that addictive. It's not only the trading that's fun, but what interests me most is the community.”

Ms. Vermaat and other players actively use the BlogShares online forum and chat rooms to meet and help one another by sharing their personal experiences and game strategy advice.

The game's creator and founder of BlogShares.com, Seyed Razavi, consistently contributes enhancements and new elements to the game each month from his home in London, England.

“Hostile takeovers and other cut-throat game play have debuted making the game even more entertaining for the BlogShares community,” says Razavi.

Another event occurring now for BlogShares.com is an element of sport and competition in order for players to compete and have an opportunity to win real money by way of a tournament.

BlogShares.com has enlisted the help of US based BlogTV.com, a fantasy television network where anyone can start their own channel by creating a personalized blog, as the sponsor for the new BlogShares Tournament. This event will allow players to compete against one another and have an opportunity to win real cash and other prizes all summer long.

July's first prize winner of fifty US Dollars, Louis Martin of Springfield Missouri says, “I just wanted to see if I had what it takes to win. It looks like I did.”

The top three players with the largest percentage growth in their BlogShares portfolio for each summer month from July through September will compete head to head in October for a grand prize of five hundred US dollars.

There is no purchase necessary to participate in the contest and it is void where prohibited by law. BlogTV.com, the official sponsor of the tournament, is offering free blogging software pre-installed on all BlogTV.com hosting accounts. The BlogTV service offers a money back guarantee for subscriptions which begin at approximately ten dollars per month for a single user.

Additional information can be found online at http://www.blogshares.com and also at http://www.blogtv.com.



Seyed Razavi


London, England

+44 20 8 749 0366



Austin Chase


Nashville, TN




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http://netstories.com/create-a-video-blog.htm – The second lesson on making money from your online videos. This installment explains how to populate your video with ads through your blog.

Duration : 0:4:55

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