Irvine, CA (PRWEB) May 18, 2011 debates whether financing a college education is a sound money management decision in light of the hefty debt load and uncertain employment of students graduating from college. The post, entitled Crippled by Student Debt is available at

The Wall Street Journal recently dubbed the class of 2011 as the most indebted college graduates ever, with an adjusted average debt load in excess of $ 22,000 ? an astounding 47% increase over a decade ago! The article notes that regardless of the sluggish economy, college tuition continues to rise 5% annually with parents less able to provide financial assistance to their off-spring.

According the WSJ ?as of 2009, the annual pre-tax income of households headed by people with at least a college degree exceeded that of less-educated households by 101%, up from 91% in 2006. As of April, the unemployment rate among college graduates stood at 4.5%, compared to 9.7% for those with only a high-school diploma and 14.6% for those who never finished high school.?

Money management blog addresses these pressures in a recent post entitled Crippled by Student Debt. In discussing the ROI of a college education Vered Deleeuw, the posts author, agrees with the WSJ article noting that ?the sad reality is that while college graduates have traditionally earned more than high school graduates, this gap in earnings has remained stable, while college costs have skyrocketed.?

David Ning is an author, trusted advisor and founder of as well as a regular contributor to the ?ON RETIREMENT? section of Ning focuses on money tips for those seeking to build wealth slowly over time through smart management of their capital resources. was launched in 2007 and has been offering up practical, straightforward money management tips ever since. The blog enjoys a monthly readership of over 300,000 and a growing Facebook fan page. Content from the popular blog has been featured on the,, and

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The Blog Ad Network Gives Away Money to Advertisers

(PRWEB) February 9, 2005

The Blog Ad Network, which goes live today, is automatically increasing by 50% all new advertiser’s accounts. The Blog Ad Network is an advertising network dedicated to bloggers. By using contextual advertising technology ads are served that match the content of the site which allows them to be more integrated into the site and less distracting. Further, the bloggers received up to 50% of revenue generated from their site. For advertisers the network delivers highly targeted contextual ads that go well beyond mere search engine results.

“We help bloggers get their message out and at the same time help advertisers reach the right people”, according to Linn Svensson spokesperson for the Blog Ad Network.

Internet-based advertising continues to go through the roof as it soon passes radio as one of the largest adverting mediums. At the same blogging has now moved passed the fringe phase and has moved mainstream. Unfortunately, while many people want to express their opinions, share their thoughts, information, educate and entertain, many of the traditional sources of income to maintain their sites are not open to them.

“The Blog Ad Network was created with this in mind. We believe in freedom of speech, but some traditional advertising networks are virtually closed to many bloggers,” Svensson added. The Blog Ad Network is an advertising network dedicated bloggers with the expressed goal to help bloggers, diarists, and other scribblers cover their hosting expenses and hopefully make some extra money. “We also know that the readers of blogs are more educated, have more money and have better jobs than the average Internet users. As result, this audience makes the perfect target group for advertisers,” she concluded.

The Blog Ad Network is first product released from the AdServMedia, a secretive Internet property development company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Irvine, CA (PRWEB) August 8, 2010, a blog focused on saving money, recently reached a major milestone when it hit 300,000 monthly readers. David Ning founded in 2007 and believes the popularity of the finance-based blog is due to the high quality, timely, free content available throughout the site. The latest postings can be found here:

Although news headlines read that the economy is in recovery the unemployment numbers are still troubling. In fact, a recent ABC News article quoted Andrew Gledhill, a Moody?s economist in West Chester, Pennsylvania, as saying, ?While these (employment) numbers are volatile, we haven?t really made progress in the labor market and that?s kind of troubling when you think about the broader economic recovery.?

Gledhill went on to say, ?For the recovery to turn into a self-sustaining expansion, we need people to have wage income coming in and until that happens, we are still in a tenuous position.?

Concerns about the economy and the challenge of making ends meet on an overly tight budget are some of the many topics David Ning addresses on his blog Ning created the blog to help people understand how small changes in their daily spending habits can have a significant impact on their financial security by building savings, and ultimately wealth, overtime.

The free, comprehensive financial advice and straightforward tips for saving money have resulted in becoming one of the most popular finance-based sites on the ‘Net. The regularly updated blog attracts 300,000 monthly visitors and has been featured in a number of online news outlets including the, and

Subscribers to have access to a number of freebies including David Ning?s ebook How to Save Money on Everything, a weekly newsletter and a 7-part mini e-course designed to help people learn more about frugal living so that they can enjoy a simpler, happier life.

David Ning is an author, trusted advisor and founder of Ning is also a regular contributor to the ?ON RETIREMENT? section of, which provides information about planning for retirement, saving strategies and tips for making the most of the retirement years. Visit to read Ning?s most recent retirement post.

Go to to learn more about how saving money can create wealth and lead to financial freedom. Or, you can read the latest MoneyNing post, subscribe to the blog or receive your free copy of How to Save Money on Everything.

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Bloomsburg, PA (PRWEB) November 6, 2006

Cash Columns is a new advertising project that allows everyone from bloggers to online businesses to promote their website, and make a return on the investment. This experiment in online marketing is being developed by Computer Science student Brian Mears. All funds made from this project will go towards advertiser payouts, and Mears' university schooling costs.

The concept of this project is very simple, but a bit hard to explain without seeing it firsthand. There are 8 columns of advertising spaces, starting out at $ 1 per ad. When someone buys the first ad in that column, the price doubles. When a second person buys an ad in the column for $ 2, the first person is refunded, and the price of that column doubles again to $ 4. A third advertisement in that row would give the second person a refund, and the first person a second refund. The price for a fourth advertisement in the column would increase to $ 8, and so on. The first person in that column would now have double their money back and the ad continues to stay, no matter how many more are placed.

All ads placed on Cash Columns are guaranteed to stay up for a minimum of 5 years. Traffic is brought into the site via blogs, media, backlinks, search engines, and paid advertisements. This insures that customers of Cash Columns continue to receive traffic, and that new prospects for buying advertisements are obtained. Cash Columns cannot guarantee that money will be made, only that it is a high possibility. The main feature is the virally spreading advertisement space, the possibility of a return on your investment is only an added bonus.

Cash Columns is reminiscent of the million dollar homepage, known for selling over one million dollars in pixel advertising space, but the concept is different. Instead of selling pixel ads which cost a minimum of $ 1000 for a decent space and have no investment value, Cash Columns can make advertisers money. Not only is there the ability to make 200% back on what the original payment for the space, but all ads will still stay in place receiving traffic for years to come, promising the possibility of long term website exposure and sales.

Media coverage and high PR will also help Cash Columns become a success. As people buy advertisements and receive money from their investment, they will tend to tell other people, blogging about their success with the project and causing others to give it a try. This is the viral marketing that will ultimately make it a success.

The spaces on Cash Columns are still at a very affordable starting price, which will attract many people to try it out and bringing prices up. Eventually, prices will go high enough that it will be unaffordable to most people, but a new idea to counter this is underway and will be released when necessary.

All advertisers on Cash Columns are encouraged to review and release longterm findings to the general online public. This project will not only be a useful marketing tool, but will also help provide detailed results in viral advertising.


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Waterloo, ON (PRWEB) June 20, 2005

Canadian author Eric Giguere has just published a new consumer computer book called “Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising System”. This book for non-technical computer users walks them through the process of creating profitable blogs and Web sites, with no programming required. The sites make money using Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Inc.'s AdSense program, the easiest way for the average person to tap into the ever-increasing online advertising revenue pool.

*(Book cover:

The book is written in a breezy, conversational style and lacks the complicated jargon found in many computer books. The chapters are linked together by a narrative that follows three of the author's friends as they use the techniques described in the book to build their own money-making sites and blogs, a style reminiscent of easy-to-understand books like The Wealthy Barber.

According to a recent report by Merrill Lynch, online ad spending in the United States alone is expected to grow by 29% this year to 12.4 billion dollars. Google's AdSense program makes it possible for individuals to participate in this growth by monetizing content that they already own and any new content they create.

Early reviews praise the book for its approachability. “People will find this book useful,” says author and AdSense user C. Enrique Ortiz, “and will learn not only about Google, but also about the Web.” Others appreciate its real world examples and the use of characters they can identify with.

About the Author

Eric Giguere is a writer and software developer residing in Waterloo, Ontario, who has written three books and hundreds of articles about computers and computer programming. Having discovered how easy it was to make money from his own Web site using Google's AdSense program, he decided to write a non-technical book about it that his father could understand and enjoy reading.

Table of contents and more details are available from

Book Summary

Title — Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program

Author — Eric Giguere

Publisher — Peachpit Press (Pearson)

ISBN — 0321321146

Softcover, full-color, 254 pages, US$ 24.99/CA$ 34.99.

Available today from all booksellers and book distributors.

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