Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2011

After nearly two decades of producing and promoting songs by America?s up-and-coming songwriters, HillTop Records has successfully entered the music festival circuit. Two months into its First Annual Online Music Festival for Songwriters, the Hollywood-based record company has already announced?and awarded prize money to?two winners.

Joseph A. Data received The People?s Choice Award from HillTop Records for the month of June, for his song ?All the King?s Horses.? He won $ 250 and a certificate that he has proudly displayed in his studio. In a letter to HillTop Records, Data called the award ?one of the greatest accomplishments of [his] musical career.? The same award went to Steve Euto-Mullis for his song ?The Master of the Sky? for the month of July. Both of these songs won by accumulating the most ?like? votes from festival-goers during their respective months.

All up-and-coming songwriters who own the copyright to their original songs (words and music) may upload them on MP3 files directly to the Music Festival?s official website free of charge. Once uploaded, these songs are instantly eligible to win cash prizes and recognition. Songwriters are encouraged to advertise their participation in the competition by linking their Festival songs to social networking sites. At the same time, fans and music industry professionals can browse songs by genre for free to discover new music and vote for their favorites.

It is still not too late to enter to win the contest. Top music prizes, including The People?s Choice Award worth $ 500, are still up for grabs. After the Festival ends on August 31, a panel of award-winning judges will determine the winners of The Best of Genre Award (in the categories of Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, and Urban/R&B) each worth $ 250, The Grand Prize Award of $ 1000, and The HillTop Award, whose winner will receive a professionally produced CD (worth approximately $ 2,400) arranged and recorded by HillTop Records? musicians. These winners will be announced on Labor Day.

HillTop Records is constantly on the lookout for new avenues for songwriters. The company maintains a strong online presence, and songwriters under contract often benefit from having a Unique Songwriter Page that can be used for promotional purposes. Euto-Mullis called HillTop ?the label that records America?s songs and the company that truly is all about the songwriter.?

To find out more about HillTop Records? services, including how to win cash prizes, visit http://www.hilltoprecords.com or http://www.hilltoprecordsmusicfestival.com. You can also follow on Twitter @HillTopRecords, or catch up on the latest music industry news on HillTop Records? official blog.


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Rye Brook, NY (PRWEB) July 9, 2009

Cash back rewards, a loyalty program traditionally associated with expensive credit cards, has now entered the cash world. Starting today, eBillme(TM), the payment option that enables consumers and small businesses to shop debt free and pay securely with cash, will give consumers 1% cash back for every purchase made using the cash checkout option. All consumers are eligible for the eBillme Rewards Program.

“This is truly a landmark offering for online cash payments,” says Marwan Forzley, President and CEO of eBillme. “More consumers are shifting away from credit and making better financial decisions. We want to reward shoppers who pay with cash by offering the perks of shopping online with a credit card but without the interest fees and debt. Not only does eBillme offer a higher level of protection and more safeguards than a credit card with our buyer protection program, but now, every eBillme purchase will earn consumers cash rewards. There could not be a better time for consumers to try secure cash checkout with eBillme.”

In order to qualify, online shoppers select eBillme for checkout at one of over 800 online merchant sites offering the credit card alternative payment option. Consumers can then sign-up for eBillme's cash back rewards and immediately start earning 1% cash back for every order. Once $ 10 in rewards has been earned, the cash can be redeemed on eBillme merchant sites, or shoppers may choose to continue earning before redeeming.

eBillme is the most secure way to pay online. When shoppers choose the option at checkout, their order is confirmed with an eBill sent to their e-mail address. Consumers simply pay the eBill through their online checking or savings account – the same way they pay utilities, loans, insurance, and other bills. The transaction occurs securely, bank to bank, with no personal or financial information required or transmitted over the Internet. And with buyer protection features including a satisfaction guarantee, best price guarantee, in-transit protection, and fraud protection, consumers can shop with confidence knowing their eBillme transaction is guaranteed and protected.

ABOUT eBillme

eBillme(TM) is the only online payment solution that extends the convenience of online banking to the merchant's checkout process. The service enhances security for online shoppers, and enables merchants to increase sales while reducing transaction costs. No financial data is exposed and the payment transaction is securely transferred from the customer's bank to the retailer's bank. Consumers can shop online, by catalog or through call centers, and pay for their purchases at their bank, credit union, or bill pay portal using the security and convenience of online banking. For more information, please visit eBillme.com or eBillme's Online Debt-Free Shopping Mall, ShopDebtFree.com.


eBillme Website: eBillme.com

eBillme Blog: blog.ebillme.com

@eBillme on Twitter: twitter.com/eBillme

ShopDebtFree Website: ShopDebtFree.com

ShopDebtFree Blog: shopdebtfree.ebillme.com/category/blog

@shopdebtfree on Twitter: twitter.com/shopdebtfree

eBillme Rewards Program: ebillme.com/features/cash-back-rewards

Buyer Protection Program: ebillme.com/features/buyer-protection


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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 29, 2006

BloggersHQ.com is a new bloggers community gathering webmasters together and offering them innovative services in order to improve their blogs using professional tools, thus building traffic and make money from it. The forum structured layout is the natural environment in which BloggersHQ.com is developed in order to make members interaction easier.

People visiting BloggersHQ.com can find free resources to get help on how to start blogging, and a discussion place where to talk about blogs. In this way they can share ideas and get inspiration for new features to be implemented in their blogs.

Everyday new bloggers come in and help other webmasters improve their blogs? quality and traffic. In fact the free link exchange service gives to webmasters the opportunity to obtain links for free thus developing traffic in time on the long run.

Moreover a download section is available, where webmasters can find and share free promotional tools. Using those tools on their blogs allow them to enhance their content quality and build traffic to the site, that is the primary target of every webmaster trying to promote their content on the internet.

BloggersHQ.com was launched on March 16 and since then new members join the community and sign up everyday.

A competition for members is available as well, letting them to win a Silver Mini iPod.

Furthermore webmasters can make money from their personal blogs by selling advertisement space, or selling their blog if they want so, thanks to the free market place in which they can interact. For instance, in this way new content can be acquired, or blog freelance writers can be hired.

As a plus, members are allowed to create a private or public image gallery, and create a blog if they don?t have one. Thanks to BloggersHQ.com anyone can create their own blog and learn how to improve it.

For more information on the free bloggers community or on how make money from a blog, visit the site http://www.bloggershq.com .

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Robert's Response…

Robert responds to discussion forum posts regarding the true impact of this supposed “small financial crisis” and his revelation that we, as the people, are not being told the whole truth.

Visit www.conspiracyoftherich.com to be part of this free and unique writing adventure along side Robert Kiyosaki

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Are you prepared for the coming depression?
Robert coming you from his Hawaii home, states an important question, “are you prepared for the coming depression” as an introduction to Chapter 4 of Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money and addresses Ben Bernake's recent comments regarding Bonds & the U.S. Treasury.

Visit www.conspiracyoftherich.com to be part of this free and unique writing adventure along side Robert Kiyosaki

Duration : 0:4:59

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